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How To Get Discounts on Pet Link Cat Toys

Updated on October 23, 2010

PetLinks Remote Control Mouse

Looking for some durable cat toys that will last after a rough play time with your cat. PetLinks is the toy brand for you these are great toys that hold up extremely well. They have many cat toys ranging from interaction to puzzle toys take a look at how some of these rank as well as where you can buy them. This first toy is a cheese, cracker and mouse toy. What makes this toy fun is it's a remote control mouse that can keep your cat entertained for a while. What makes this cat toy great is that to recharge the mouse it hooks to the remote control and charges rapidly so that way you don't have to worry about losing any of the parts. Includes catnip in a refillable pouch for added entertainment.

Petlinks System Busy Body Snap + Activity Mat

This Pet Link Cat Toy is a great cat toy because it's many toys in one. It's great for meeting your cat's need or curiosity, the Busy Body activity mat has four sections of textured fabrics to keep your cat playing and kicking around all day long. The first section makes that crinkling noise that we all know drives are cats to play.The second section of the toy holds a mouse toy that keeps your cat guessing where it is. The third contains a refillable catnip pouch to lure even some of the most stubborn cats to it.Also it comes with two snap-on feather toys anchor the corners of the mat for added fun. This soft and cozy mat is also great for sleeping or laying on. It measures: 17.5 inches L x 15 inches W. I love this toy and my cat keeps coming back to it because of all the thing s to do on it.

Petlinks System Carpet Clawz Hanging Catnip Scratcher

This cat toy from pet links is great for any cat that wants to get that natural scratching behavior out. This makes a great deterrent from scratching furniture or doorways or anything else your cat decides that should scratch up. I love this toy because it can hang on door knobs or from furniture so you can position it on the arm of the car or attach any where else you need. If your cat isn't drawn to it use a spray catnip and spray the scratcher and watch your cat go nuts.

Petlinks System 3 Blind Mice

The 3 blind mice from petlinks is a great add-on to any cat toy collection. These toys are great for any cat with a hunting instinct which last time I checked was all cats. Your cat will have a blast for hours and hours with these mice.

Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher

The curly-cute Dream Curl is the perfect match for and claw-crazy cats. Your cat will go head-over-heels for the wave shape of the Dream Curl and its enticing variety of scratching surfaces and angles. Your cat will love the wave of the scratcher. You will love the sleek good looks and its effectiveness as a furniture saving scratch your furniture. Eco-Friendly too The sisal is a renewable resource, toy contains organic catnip and the scratcher core is made from recycled material. This makes anyone's day for a great toy and is a very durable cat toy to.

Petlinks System Scooter Balls Kitten Toy

This is another cool looking toy from petlinks cat toy line. The System Scooter Balls are kitten sized balls with flying tassels to bring out the wildcat in your kitten. Soft and safe for your cat or kitten. Includes a rattle inside for added curiosity from your cat. Made of non-toxic, pet-safe materials assuring your pet safety. Toys provide entertainment and encourage exercise to keep any cat young mentally. This cat toy comes in many colors and styles

Petlinks Cuckoo Clock - Touch Activated Electronic Door Toy

This battery-operated electronic toy hangs from any doorknob or doorknob like figure. It detects the touch of your cat's paw or tail which when touched activates a mouse that scurries up and back from the door knob and activates your cats hunting instinct cats go nuts for these toys. Watch as your cat scrambles to catch the mouse, which moves up and down automatically whenever your cat touches it. The cat toy includes a refillable catnip pouch for added amusement and attraction to the toy. A small Phillips-head screwdriver is required to install 2 AA batteries (not included). Clock measures 2.5" W x 1.5" D x 3" H Mouse measures 1.5" L (w/o tail)


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