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How to Restore Your Dog's Squeak Toy

Updated on September 7, 2012
Dog Toy Repair Kit
Dog Toy Repair Kit


Does your dog bite through his squeaky toys as fast as you can buy them? Are you tired of spending money on new toys that will be broken in minutes, leaving you out several bucks and your dog disappointed? Well, before you buy new squeaky toys or toss out the broken ones, try repairing them.

Solution: Warning

Repairing a squeaky toy can be quick and simple. Please keep in mind, however, not all squeakers can be repaired, but it does not hurt to try. If it cannot be fixed, consider using a replacement squeaker. Replacements can be bought cheaply online through sites like Amazon, and the process for using them is similar to those listed below.

Solution: Steps

Here are the necessary steps to restore your dog's toy.

1) Gather supplies. You'll need:

  • Heavy duty tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit
  • Damaged toy
  • Optional: Scraps of cloth or stuffing scavenged from a damaged toy for extra squeaker padding

2) Cut open toy and pull out the squeaker.

3) Inspect the squeaker for damage.

  • Are there punctures?
  • Is there a nozzle insert? If so, is the insert loose, or has it fallen out?

4) Attempt repairs.

  • If the insert is out loose or has fallen out, put it back in place.
  • If there are no punctures, try popping the squeaker back into shape by hand or by blowing into the nozzle.
  • If there are punctures, tape over the holes before re-inflating the squeaker.
  • Once you have it back in proper shape, try squeaking it to see how it works.

5) Wrap the body of the squeaker in heavy duty tape. Finish by taping the insert's lip against the nozzle, but do not cover the end. The tape will reinforce the squeaker against punctures and other damage. Once well taped, test squeaker.

6) Insert the functioning squeaker into toy and sew up.

7) Return to dog and watch him or her have fun again.

Helpful Hint: If you buy replacement squeakers, follow Step 4 anyway. Taping the squeaker--especially the insert to the nozzle--will help prevent destruction of the squeaker. Once, I taped up a squeaker without securing the insert and the toy "broke" again. Once I secured the insert, the toy worked fine and is currently the dog's favorite.


Not all toys can be repaired, but taking a few minutes to try restoring a toy is cheaper in the long run and your dog will appreciate your efforts. Plus, you can adapt these techniques to reinforce replacement squeakers to make new toys as well. Have lots of squeaky fun!

One Repaired Squeak Toy, One Happy Dog
One Repaired Squeak Toy, One Happy Dog


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