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How To Select Dog Grooming Supplies

Updated on August 28, 2009

Every Dog Owner Needs Dog Grooming Supplies

 If you plan to groom your dog at home you will need some basic dog grooming supplies. Taking your dog to a professional groomer for every grooming need can quickly cost in the hundreds of dollars. If you own a short hair dog you likely won't need hair clippers, however nail clippers, a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or brush and shampoo are essential. The initial investment in dog grooming supplies may set you back a few dollars, but doing your own grooming will save you money in the long run. For those who aren't sure which supplies are needed, there are kits that contain dog grooming supplies for the beginner.

Most of your dog's grooming needs are easy to care for at home, but may need to done weekly or monthly or every other month. Frequent trips to the groomer can add up so here are some essential tools and supplies you can use at home for basic care needs.

You don't need fancy tools or equipment to groom at home!
You don't need fancy tools or equipment to groom at home!

Dog Grooming Supplies Include Oral Hygiene Products

 A dog tooth brush and tooth paste is important for your dog's oral hygiene. Brushing his teeth just once or twice a week will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, both of which cause gum and health problems.

Dog shampoo is required for bathing. There are different types of shampoos for different coats as well as shampoos for dry skin, allergy relief and flea control. If your dog is prone to bad odors you can choose one with a fresh scent. Bathing a dog too often will strip him of natural oils that are essential for healthy skin and fur, so only bathe him about once a month. You can dry him off with any towel, but there are special pet towels that are designed to be more absorbent. It's good to towel dry the fur as much as possible as most dogs will make a beeline for the couch after a bath!

There are also stain removal products for certain breeds afflicted with leaky tear ducts. It's important to keep the area around the eye free of build-up in order to prevent infections.

Oster "Lucky Dog" clippers are best for home use.
Oster "Lucky Dog" clippers are best for home use.

Dog Grooming Supplies Maintain Your Pet's Health

 A good dog brush or comb is needed for keeping thick or long coats free of mats and outdoor debris such as twigs and burs. There are many styles and shapes of brushes and combs with different sized teeth designed for particular uses. Choose one or two that are suitable for your dog's fur.

Dog nail trimmers are a must for keeping nails at an appropriate length. The best nail trimmers are ones that resemble pruning shears with curved blades for cutting. When using these, it's easier to determine just where to cut.

Electric dog hair clippers are similar to the trimmers used at beauty salons. One of the best brands of trimmers for home grooming is Lucky Dog's. Designed for occasional use, these clippers are smaller than professional units and are very easy to handle. Lucky Dog clippers come with a standard length blade, but additional sizes can be purchased or ordered. Your clippers will require regular maintenance to keep them operating properly. Most pet stores carry lubrication, cleaning solution and brushes; although, an old tooth brush also works great for getting hair out of the blades.

A dog grooming kit contains the basic tools grooming at home.
A dog grooming kit contains the basic tools grooming at home.

Dog Grooming Supplies Are Not For Everyone!

 If you don't plan to cut your dog's hair at home, then he should be taken to a groomer about every 2-3 months. However, you may find the hair over the eyes gets a little long before he's ready for his next cut so you might want to have a good pair of scissor on hand for quick trims or touch-ups.

Dog grooming at home is not for everyone, but it can save you a lot of money, especially if you have several dogs. You may even become so skilled at hair trimming, your friends and family will pay you to groom their dogs. Before you know it, you'll be starting a grooming business!

Groom Your Dog at Home to Save Money!

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      Wood"RUFF" Pet Resort 6 years ago

      Great article! For some dogs it's critical to groom on a regular basis, and as the article says if you're not comfortable doing it yourself the it's a good idea to look for a pet groomer you can trust.