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How To Sell Siamese Fighting Fish Online

Updated on May 27, 2010

As a fish breeder, one of the best ways of selling fish is on online auctions. At one point in time many breeders sold directly to pet stores, and depending where you live this may still be an option, however pet stores always sell far below the retail value of the fish. Selling online allows you to sell fish at a higher price and still under cut pet chains.

So then, the secret is in making a good auction and providing good service once somebody clicks that 'Buy Now' button. Here's how you do those two things:

Always Have Good Photos

Always have good photos, and if possible, take them yourself. People want to see the actual fish they will be buying. If the fish you are selling are juveniles, including a picture of the adults just makes good sense.

Write Original, Useful Descriptions

It might be tempting to just copy and paste some material, or even not bother to describe the fish at all, but online buyers are reassured by seeing that the person selling the fish knows what they are talking about.

Answer Questions

It might be a pain answering questions, but if the auction site you're using allows questions, then you should definitely answer them. Answering questions clearly and in depth, taking care that you spell all the words correctly and use proper grammar adds to the professional appearance you want to have. After all, buying online is viewed as a risky business by most people, but by appearing professional and knowledgeable you can allay many of their fears.

Make Quick Contact

When somebody purchases fish from you, make sure that you make contact quickly. It's not okay to leave someone hanging for 24 hours waiting for a response. If you are sending fish, make sure they are securely packed and that the fish boxes are clearly marked 'LIVE FISH'. Let the purchaser know when the fish are on their way and supply them with all the courier information they need. Couriers are often unreliable and there's nothing worse than having dead fish turn up on one's doorstep days after an auction is complete. Things may go wrong, but if you stay in contact, people are much less likely to blame you for losses.

It's about building trust and rapport with customers. One good sale often turns into repeat business, or referrals to other people in the fish keeping community. Sometimes dealing with people can be frustrating and yes, even annoying, but its worth it to build a happy customer base and build a good reputation.


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    • spiderspun profile image

      spiderspun 7 years ago from Utopia, Ontario Canada

      I didn't know you could order fish like that.

      I order tarantula spiderlings all the time and get them in the mail.

      Great info, great read

    • Chapter profile image

      Chapter 7 years ago from Indonesia

      My friend have so many betta fish and I can provide it. Unfortunately, my country is so far from US.

    • white goth profile image

      white goth 7 years ago

      this is very useful thanks for the info