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How to Setup a Fish Tank Aquarium

Updated on November 22, 2018
M Monish profile image

I Love Fishes and I have installed the Fish Tank many times so I know all about it and hence sharing it with you.

A Fish Tank

Let Me Tell You...

Adopting a pet as fish comes with its own package of advantages and responsibilities.

It may sound unrealistic, but having a fish tank creates such positive environment at home that to an extent it helps in relaxation reduces stress, maintains blood pressure etc. The biggest advantage of owning a fish tank is that it requires minimum maintenance as compared to adopting any other pet. The whole set-up creates a positive vibe and is quite relaxing. The slow movements of fishes are mesmerising.

But, it comes with some responsibilities as well. The major one is the installation part of the tank. One has to be very careful during each step as any minor mistake may harm the little fishes.

Let us have a look at the step by step guide to install a fish tank

Just Follow these 9 steps one by one to setup your Fish Tank

1. Basic infrastructure and space

Before installing the fish tank, you should consider the adequate space where the fish tank will be installed. According to space you can decide the shape and size of the fish tank. The size of the fish tank should also be considered based on the sizes and number of fishes to be kept in it. A large number of fishes will not be able to survive for a longer period in a small tank. You should also have a sufficient supply of water where the fish tank is supposed to be installed.

2. Fish tank stand/ table

It is very important to have a proper stand or table for the fish tank. It helps in identifying any leakages or glass breaks. The tank stand should be according to the size of the fish tank. It may be very harmful to keep a large fish tank on a small sized table.

Also, the fish tank table should be strong enough to bear the weight of the fish tank filled with water!

3. Installing the Filters

Having a water filter in the aquarium is very important and hygienic for the fishes. The water filter in the fish tank helps in getting rid of the waste products from the fishes and helps in keeping the tank’s water clean, hygienic and chemical free. Fish tank filters are easily available on various e-commerce websites and even the fish and pet shops have it.

4. Adding pebbles, gravel etc

Many people assume that adding a good amount of gravel is part of the decoration of the fish tank. But, On the contrary, it is very essential for the fishes and keeping the water clean and hygienic. Yes, the small stones, pebbles or commonly known as gravel is a kind of natural filter. It does not allow the fish waste to float in the water (which may eventually harm the fishes) All the waste and excess food are collected within the spaces of the gravels.

5. Adding artificial water plants

Adding artificial water plants or artificial corals is done to give a comfortable environment to the little fishes. Fishes are very delicate and sensitive. Such decors would make the fishes more comfortable

6. Decorating the tank with artificial aquarium

These days there are many artificial decorative toys, plants or accessories available to give the fish tank a different look. The fish tank can be decorated based on themes like colours, vintage, aqua etc. Many people create (DIY) fish tank decorations themselves.

7. Adding water

Once all the decorations, gravels, filters are in place, it is time to add the main ingredient of this tank Water. Add water that is clean and hygienic for the fishes, and the amount that is required as per the size of the tank and the number of fishes to be added.

8. Maintaining the temperature

It is very important to have the right temperature for the aquarium. It the place or the water is cold, add an additional heating agent or if there is access heat then consider changing the place of the water tank. Having the right temperature is very important for the fish’s survival.

9. Have your fishes in the tank!

Once everything is in place, it is time to have little fishes in it. Welcome the little ones at your place and introduce them to their new abode. Fishes are sensitive creatures and it would take a day’s time or two for them to adjust.

Have a great time with your new friends (Fishes)

© 2018 Mohd Monish


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    • profile image

      Michael L 

      16 months ago

      Thank you sir...I installed my fish tank successfully through this article


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