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How To Stop Destructive Behavior In Dogs

Updated on September 2, 2011
You can stop your dogs destructive behavior.
You can stop your dogs destructive behavior.

How To Stop Destructive Behavior In Dogs

You should know that destructive behavior in dogs is not normal. It can however happen when older dogs get bored or don't get enough exercise. Dogs like this are likely to develop nervous tendencies much like when humans bit their nails. Dogs will develop tendencies to dig, chew on things and repeat behaviors like running in circles. The dog is asking for help.

Dogs who start chewing up the furniture are probably in need of more attention. Your dog needs more exercise and you need to make time available to walk your dog more or get someone else to walk your dog more often. The dog needs more exercise. If your dog continues its destructive behavior you may need to get an indoor dog kennel to keep your dog in while your gone.

1. Your dog may be a victim of separation anxiety. Your dog may panic when its left alone and it may bark and howl when you leave it. Your dog may destroy doors, door knobs, or furniture because it is upset that you have left it. If you have a dog like this you need to either put it in a indoor kennel with a blanket, toys, and water when you leave or consider putting it out on an outdoor run cable. If you do put it out on a outdoor run cable be sure that your dog has a dog house, a bed, toys, and food and water.

2. If your dog is always full of energy it needs more exercise. Consider taking the dog for long walks either before you go to work or when you come home. The dog will get to the point where it looks forward to its walks with you. Buy a few tennis balls and start to play with your dog with the tennis balls.

3. Your dog may bark to get your attention. If your dog suddenly starts barking all the time something is wrong. Increase the dogs exercise and it will probably stop barking all the time. You may need to give your dog more to do. Buy it new toys on a regular basis and play with the dog with its new toys. Keep in mind that a dog like a child can get really attached to a certain toy. Let it keep the old toy even it to you its ruined.

4. Use positive reinforcement. Take the dog out side on a long walk and along the way reward the dog with food treats from your pocket. Let the dog learn that when it goes out for a long walk that it will be getting one of its favorite food treats.

5. If you have slipped in walking your dog on a regular basis then you need to start back. If you have never started a walking routine with your dog start one now. You and your dog will benefit from the regular walking exercise. If you can not walk your dog on a regular basis find someone who can. Because your dog must get exercise on a regular basis or it may develop bad destructive behaviors.

6. If your not playing with your dog you need to start. Consider buying tennis balls or a Frisbee to play with your dog. I bet in no time at all you can teach most dogs to fetch tennis balls or even catch a Frisbee in the air. Dogs love to play and if you give your dog a chance you'll find out it loves to play also.

7. If your dog is out in the yard in the day time and it suddenly starts digging it may be bored behavior or it may be trying to create a place to stay cool. You need to make sure you provide your dog with a tarp covered area especially in the summer time for shade and be sure you provide your dog with plenty of fresh cool water. Change your dogs outdoor water dish or bowl at least once daily and if mold starts growing in it wash it well with bleach and soap and water and be sure to rinse it very well with cold running water.

8. If your dog is put outside in the day time install one of the over head cables that your dog clips onto so that your dog can run up and down the cable. The over head cable needs to be long enough so the dog can exercise well. At one end of the cable you should place your dogs house.with a bed for your dog inside the dog house and some toys for the dog. At one side or the other of the dog house should be your dogs food and water. If you will do this for your dog you will have a dog with a lot to do and the dog won't get bored as easy. And a less bored dog will have less destructive behavior.

9. If your dog is outside along during the day fix up a speaker your dog can't get to and try playing easy listening or classical music to your dog while you are gone for the day. Try several different types of music to find the type of music that keeps your dog calm.

10. Your dog needs regular routine in its life. Always feed your dog at the same time every day if at all possible and be sure to always provide the dog with plenty of fresh clean water.Keep the dogs daily routine as much the same as possible. Don't change the dogs daily routine unless you have to.

11. When you buy your dog leash that your going to use for taking your dog on walks buy one that is only a few feet long. Your dog will learn that you are the one that is in control and that it is you that makes the rules.Your dog must know that you are the authority figure.

12. Don't encourage your dog to have wild behavior when you come home. Ignore the dog completely for a few minutes before you go to the dog. This way the dog will eventually stop the wild jumping display it puts on when you come home.

13. You can leave new toys or new bones that the dog can find while your gone. This will give the dog something to entertain it and keep it from developing destructive behaviors. If the dog has a area it digs in hide new toys or bones in the dirt for the dog to find. This will also help to entertain the dog.

14. Your dog will need new toys on a regular basis but you can recycle the old toys and use them again. Try playing a game with the dog by changing out its toys on a regular basis. You will have a less bored dog and less bored dogs have fewer destructive behaviors.

Finally use common sense with your dog. If you get a new cloth living room suit don't let your dog be alone with it until you know the dog is not going to attack the new living room suit. Never let anyone encourage the dog to ever chew on anything it is not supposed to. Never give the dog an old shoe to play with. If you give the dog a old shoe the dog may think your saying its okay for it to play with your shoes.

I hope you enjoy my hub page on " How To Stop Destructive Behavior In Dogs ". Please post your comments or questions below and thanks for reading.

Post your comments or questions about , " How To Stop Destructive Behavior In Dogs" now. And thanks for reading.

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    • profile image

      Dona 6 years ago

      We have two male recently neutered pit bulls. They are 15 months old and we cannot stop them from running away. We've done everything possible to keep them indoors and we live in a parcela at the foot of the hills. We take them for walks but think they need still more exercise and stimulation as they don't stop roaming away. Neighbours are starting to complain that they appear at their back yards and are concerned because of the bad reputation this breed has and we fear they might push us to get rid off them, something that we wouldn't like to do, of course. We love them as we've had them since they were 5 weeks old and have tried to give them so much love and dedication in order to give the pit bulls a better name.

    • JohnM profile image

      JohnM 6 years ago from Miami Florida

      Bored dogs is the biggest problem for destructive behavior in dogs. Keep your dog entertained and you won't have any problems.