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How To Stop Dog Barking: The Best Solution For Dog Owners

Updated on July 14, 2016

How to stop your dog from barking



Do your dog barks all the time and barks for no apparent reason? Do your dog barks at day and night and you feel annoyed about it?

If this is what describes your problem, this is the right place for you to discover how to stop your dog from barking unnecessarily.

We all love dogs and we all wanted to keep one at home. However, we just can’t stand the dog from barking non-stop. We try to do everything we can, the dog stops for a while and then he continues to bark again.

So how do we solve this?

If we wanted to solve the mystery and stop our dogs from unwanted barking, we have to look deep into the issue, the root causes and the real reasons why our dog barks.

Do Dog Bark For No Reason?

The answer to the question above is a no. Your dog will NEVER bark for no reason at all. Just like babies, will babies cry for no apparent reason? No.

There are many reasons why your dog barks. And you have to discover and find out what causes your dog to bark so that you can stop it.

So why do they barks?

For instance, your dog will bark because he wants attention, or probably he sees squirrels on the tree, or maybe he is hungry, or he heard howling from a distance away, or he just wanted to play with you, etc, etc.

There are many reasons why they barks.

As a responsible dog owner, you should find out what makes your dog barks and eliminate the cause.

For example, if he barks because he is hungry, then you can just feed him (if the time is right) and the problem solve. Or if he barks because he wanted to play, probably you should schedule more time to play with him.

And if your dog barks at night, it could be because someone passed by your house. And when the passerby is gone, he will stop barking.

Remember, dogs have exceptional hearing and smelling senses. They can smell and hear from far away. Sometimes we just don’t see anything, but they can sense it because they have better senses than humans.

Sometimes you can’t hear the squirrels chatted, but your dogs can. And probably this is why they bark.

Understand why your dog barks and you can solve the problem.

Dog Barking at Door


Can You Stop Your Dog From Barking?

Again, the answer is a no. You must understand that you are taking care of a dog. A canine will just bark.

You can’t stop your dog from barking. It is a dog and dog will just bark. Baby will just eat when he or she is hungry, and you cannot stop that.

The same goes for your dog. You cannot fully stop your dog from barking.

However, you can stop your dog from barking unnecessarily. You can stop him from barking when he needs your attention, or when he wants to play or when he is hungry.

Here Are Some Common Reasons Why Your Dog Barks?

Territorial/Protective – I believe that this has happened to you many times. Whenever someone or other animals get closer to your dog’s territorial area, he will bark. And the more closely the person or animal gets closer, the more excessive the bark will be.

Fear – fear is another reason some dogs bark. They wanted to protect themselves or they wanted to get you for help. Some dogs will bark excessively when they hear the fireworks. Some will run away and hide while some will bark non-stop.

Boredom/Lonely – Do you know that your dog will bark when he is lonely or bored? This is why we need to create a schedule to play with our dogs. We need to spend time interacting with them. Like humans, we cannot stay alone in a no man island. You will die of boredom.

Attention Seeking – Most dogs will bark because they want your attention. Maybe they want to go outside, or maybe they want to play with you, or maybe they want to eliminate, etc, etc.

Joyful Bark – Do you know that some dogs will bark when they are happy? When you want to give your dog a treat and he feels so happy and he just bark. Sometimes when you get home and your dog is so happy to see that he will jump up and down and bark happily?

Do you know why dog barks?

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking Unnecessarily

Now you know that in order to stop your dog from unwanted barking, you must remove the cause.

There are a few ways you can do this…

1. Reward and Teach Your Dog The ‘Quiet’ Command

When your dog barks for your attention or perhaps someone passes by in front of your house, use the ‘Quiet’ command.

Just say out “quiet”, firm and calm. When your dog stops barking even for just a few seconds, praise him and give him treats. Give him delicious treats that he loves.

You want to let him know that stop barking means praise and great treats. At the same time, you want him to understand the ‘Quiet’ command.

Stopping your dog from barking is a proper training. You have to do this a few times, probably a few days or even weeks until your dog learns what you mean when you say ‘quiet’.

2. Distract Your Dog

Sometimes you just need to distract your dogs from barking. When your dog barks because he wants your attention, you can distract him.

Or when he sees other cats or dogs pass by and bark non-stop, distraction can be a good solution to his bark.

The best distraction is to have him to perform a trick; such as asking your dog to do the army crawl or to come to you or to give you his paw.

Never give him toys or treats to distract him when he is barking. You will just tell him that barking equals reward.

3. Create a Schedule to Play with Your Dog

If your dog barks because he is bored and wanted your attention, this will be the best solution. Some owners never spend time with their dogs and they wonder why their dogs are always barking and never listen to them.

You have to understand that you need to spend time interacting and playing with your dog before you adopt a dog.

Spend a minimum of an hour a day to play with your dogs. Schedule it and make it into your habit.

Schedule play time with your dog


Important Tips You Want To Know…

Here are some important tips you may want to know when trying to stop your dog from barking…

  • Rule #1 is to NEVER SHOUT BACK at your dog. Guess what will happen if you shout back at your dog? Your dog will think you are joining the party and he will want you to bark together with him, fun? Shouting at your dogs will never solve anything.
  • Never give your dog treats or toys when he barks. The more you do this the more he will associate that barking means rewards.
  • Teach the “Quiet” command as early as possible. You do not want to wait until the unwanted barking becomes a deep-rooted habit in your dog. So teach him to stop the unnecessary barking as young as possible.
  • They say that a tired dog is a quiet dog and this is true. Spend time playing with your dogs. When he is tired and exhausted, he will bark less. Give him toys and go jogging with him.

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Teaching your dog to stop barking is just like any other training. It requires time and your patience.

Your dog might not understand what you are trying to tell him at first, so have the patience and train him not to bark at will.

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Good luck and all the best in training your dog.

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