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How To Stop My Dog From Barking

Updated on October 8, 2010

Most dog owners find it really hard and stressful to get rid of barking problems. How to stop my dog from barking? This is a very common question asked and can be answered in different ways.

Uncontrollable barking, specially during the nights can be a big problem. Everyone in the house and sometime even the neighbors will suffer due to your dog barking. Last thing you want is a cop appearing in front of your door in the middle of the night.

There are several ways to stop dog barking problems. You can train your dog yourself if you know how to, or you can get a professional dog trainer to do the job for you. Training is most effective when your your dog is young.

Barking problems can occur at a random stages and if the dog is not young, training might not be a very effective method to get rid of it. Another issue with training is, you cannot sop this habit overnight. It will take some time depending on your dog. Some may stop it soon, but some dogs may take a long time.

What is the easiest method to stop my dog from barking?

A more effective method to stop barking, specially for adult dogs, is the use of 'anti bark dog collars'. There are several types in the market which are cheap, but quite effective.

The most popular version works the following way..

Each time your dog barks, the collar emits a high-frequency sound wave. Humans will no hear this. Dogs are highly sensitive to sound so they will hear this every time the color emits the sound wave. This particular 'sound' is very uncomfortable to your dog. They will soon figure out that it's their barking which triggers this sound and stop barking since it will become really uncomfortable for them every time they bark.

Where can I find these anit-barking collars?

It's not that hard at all. The webs best online store, Amazon has some great anti-barking collars for sale and we have made it really simple for you by selecting the best deals and listing them below. Just with 1 click on the product you like and few easy steps after that, you can become a proud owner of one of these revolutionary products and get rid of your dogs barking problem for good.

Crazy stuff yea?? Please leave your comments below :)

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