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How To Stop Your Dog From Eating So Fast

Updated on August 25, 2010
Dog Eating to Fast Learn to slow them down.
Dog Eating to Fast Learn to slow them down.

Changing Dinner Time

If your dog is eating to fast and they are use to a certain schedule eating time then change up what time you fee them at.  My dog was eating 2 cups of food in 10-15 seconds.  I changed it 30 minutes later and it takes him 45seconds to a minute which is  a huge improvement and less vomiting.

Why Dogs Eat So Fast

Dog's eating to fast can be caused from alot of different factors.

  • Excitement
  • Food Aggressive
  • Competition with other dogs
  • The Dog thinks the food is going away
  • Just in a Hurry

What Happens when my dog eats so fast?

The main thing that happens to dogs that eat to fast is bloat.  Also your dog could get sick and throw up their meal.  After  throwing up they usually take a day or two to eat again.  Alot of people have this problem and think it will just go away unfortunately it just will get worse as the dog thinks it's ok to do that.  Their are many ways to slow your dog down and ill list them below.

Ways to stop fast eaters

  • You can put a large rock in their dish, remember one thats big enough they can't swallow.  Many people say tennis balls but those are to light and can be pushed around.  Also their are special portion controls like above that are sold.
  • A Portion control dish that has four divets in it that cut the dish into fours and causes the dog to eat in sections which slows them down. 
  • Feed your dog by hand only a couple kibble at a time.  Time consuming but works.

Dog Portion Dishes are some of the easiest to use because the dog has to eat around the prongs in order to reach the food. These work with both dry food and wet canned food and are easy to clean and are the most effective dish to prevent Bloat in dogs.  These come in many colors and sizes so that they can be used for any sized dog or breed.

Did the bowl not work or you don't want to use it.  Here are some toys that will allow you to feed your dog and make sure they eat slow because with each one of these toys your dog will stop eating so fast and will have to work for the food.  With this your dog won't throw up from eating to fast.  Both dog toys are great indestructible dog toys that only release food when it's tipped just right.

The Amazing Treat Machine

With this your dog will eat slower with this interactive dog toy that works when a ball is dropped into the box and food falls out that way eating is slowed down and the dog can work for it so it doesn't cause bloat from eating to fast.


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    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      I just bought 3 of the amazing treat machine because of this hub i love them can't wait to get them. Good deal on here for $12.49

    • profile image

      Bill 7 years ago

      Great post I ll Try the Pacer and the rock idea. Good Hub