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How To Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Wood

Updated on October 28, 2017

A Home Remedy To Discourage Your Puppy From Chewing Wood

How To Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Wood

My puppy would always chew the wood strips from the fence in the backyard because he was either bored or wanted to get to the dogs on the other side.

But, whether ate the wood strips it made him sick to his stomach. If a puppy chews wood it can become a dangerous activity that can eventually wear the teeth badly and cause digestive problems.

A quick remedy you can make at home to stop your pup from chewing on wood. First mix an ounce of cayenne pepper with a jar of petroleum jelly, then brush the mixture on any area on the wood that shows chew marks.

It will not wash away in the rain or stain the fence and it will stop the chewing at the next bite.

© 2017 Linda Tucker

Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Wood Strips

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