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How To Tame A Chicken

Updated on January 7, 2013
Fluffy, friendly silky chickens
Fluffy, friendly silky chickens

If you want a friendly pet chicken, you need to know how to make friends with your new chicken. Here are some tried and true methods for making friends with chickens, and taming them.

Start With Chicks

Many people who keep chickens start with baby chicks. They can be a lot of work because they need to be kept under warm lights, fed special food and taken very special care of, but raising a baby chick is not just very rewarding, it also sets you up for a lifelong friend. There are some drawbacks with starting with baby chicks, not just on the work side of the equation but on the 'accidental rooster' side of the equation. Depending on where you get your baby chicks from you might find that they're not 100% pullets, and you can't have more than one rooster in a flock. Some sources offer a return policy if your pullet turns out to be a rooster, so keep that in mind when selecting your chick source.

Feed Feed Feed

Chickens love food and often, by association, they love the people feeding them. If you don't mind the risk of being pecked, you can always try hand feeding. Just put the seed in your cupped hand and hold it out to the chicken. Most chickens that aren't already stuffed full of yummy treats will take food from your hand.


It is possible to pick up and handle chickens. Doing it regularly will make the chicken become used to being touched by you. You must be careful however, because if a chicken is in the process of creating an egg inside her body and you handle her too roughly, the egg can break inside her. This condition is called 'egg break' and is very serious. It is more often than not fatal, and even if your chicken survives it will be the end of its laying life.

In conclusion:

Most chickens that have been raised by careful and loving owners will be quite friendly. Occasionally you might get a chicken that wants nothing to do with you, but that can happen with any animal. All animals have different temperaments, and roosters in particular can be quite aggressive in the defense of their flocks. Can chickens love their owners? We can't know for sure, but we can know that chickens are very capable of showing affection toward their owners and that seeing happy chickens feeding in your yard can give you an incredible feeling of peace.

A Friendly Hen Eating Bread From Her Owner's Hand


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    • Sharidenise profile image

      Sharidenise 4 years ago from Louisville, TN


    • Nettlemere profile image

      Nettlemere 5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      I've had some great friendly hens including one who used to come into the office and walk along the computer keyboard. It's nice to see a hub on encouraging chicken friendliness.