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How To Train Your Bunny To Walk On A Leash

Updated on June 19, 2013


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You might have seen some cute pictures of bunnies walking on leashes, and wondered if you could do the same with your rabbit. You can, but there are a few points that must be noted and steps that must be taken before you can do it safely.

Firstly, and most importantly: Rabbits are delicate.


A rabbit can easily be harmed through clumsy handling, or through simply bucking and twisting in it's owner's grip. The same principle applies when it comes to walking your bunny on a leash. If the rabbit starts throwing itself around like a mad thing (and some of them do) then it is best not to proceed, at least not until your rabbit has had more experience with being handled.

That leads me to my second point, which is almost as important as the first: Handling

Your rabbit MUST be used to being handled before you even think about putting a leash on it. You should be handling your rabbit anyway on a daily basis in order to check its condition, and to bond more closely with it. Rabbits are prey animals, so the act of being handled is terrifying to them if they are not used to it. Putting a harness on a rabbit feels a lot like being gripped, even more so when the bunny inevitably finds the end of the leash and it can't go any further, which is when it is likely to panic.

Third point: Proper equipment.

You cannot put a collar on a bunny. Their necks are tiny and far too delicate as a general rule. There are plenty of little harnesses made especially for bunny rabbits however, and they can be obtained at a relatively reasonable cost. A well fitted and quality harness will keep your bunny more safe.

Okay, so now you have the basics, it is time to put your bunny on the leash. It should be relatively easy to fit the harness. If it is a struggle, don't do it. A little bit of resistance is okay, but if the bunny flies into psycho bunny mode, back off and don't try it again until you have built up more trust with your bunny.

Simply clip the leash to the harness and you are ready to go.

There are a few points to note here too:

Walking a bunny on a leash isn't like walking a dog on the leash, you don't really direct them where to go, so much as follow them around.

Make sure that the area you are walking your bunny in is safe. It is not a good idea to take your rabbit out of the backyard, as it makes it very vulnerable to predators and other frights.

Let your bunny take things in its own time, and do your best to avoid jerking motions. The bunny has no comprehension that it is on a leash, at least, not at first, and may very well run off, hit the end of the leash, and panic. Introducing your bunny to the leash in a confined area first and gently letting it feel the control you have by restricting its movements before it goes into a full run is a good way to let your bunny adjust to this strange new sensation.


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    • Krista 07 profile image

      Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe

      This has helped a lot. Thank you so much just 1 question how many bunnies do you have?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      It's the cutest thing to watch bunnies on leashes. There was a lady when I worked at a petstore who would walk her two on leashes. One was long haired an gorgeous, the other short haired.

    • profile image

      Carolyn 9 years ago

      Hi. I have a 3 mini lops and one dutch. I got my dutch from a store because nobody would buy her and she was getting older and not so cute. Well due to the lack of attention as a baby, she is not friendly like the other bunnys I have. I would like to be able to walk them all this summer, mostly giving the dutch the attention she deserves. Any advice??

      If so please email me at

      thank you!

    • profile image

      Ashleey 9 years ago

      Hello! This is A lot of help! I didn't know much of this stuff! Thank you times a million! But I have just a few questions...1.So can you let my bunny follow me or do I have to follow him?

      2.Would it be okay if i walked my bunny on the street? Because there is bearly any cars or other any animals and stuff.

      3.Does it hurt the bunnys paws to walk them on pavement?

      When you respond you can respond to me at


    • profile image

      olivia 9 years ago

      hello i have had my rabbit for 2 months now and he is really happy and handled every day so now i have started to put him in a harness but he just does not follow me anywhere and every time i gently pull on him jhis eyes go white and bulgy

      please help me as i would love to be able to walk him

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 9 years ago

      Okay Olivia, first of all, bunnies DO NOT follow you. Walking a rabbit on a leash is a process of you holding the leash and following the bunny around. As the article states, not all rabbits are good candidates for leashes. I suggest that if yours shows signs of distress, you stop putting the leash on him.

      Even if you do get him to be okay on the leash you won't ever be "walking" him like you would a dog. Bunnies like to do their own thing :)

    • profile image

      lily 9 years ago

      My bunny was recently rescued from the streets. I adopted him for about 2 months now and he is still not so friendly. He gets scared VERY easily and stomps a lot, I really want to walk him though so help?

    • profile image

      bunnie info pease 9 years ago

      do you have any more bunnie info put it up on the web i would love to know i will give you my e-mail latter ok i have a bunnie i don't know how to care for please...

    • profile image

      Anna 9 years ago

      Hi! So I put my bunny on the leash for the first time today, It went good at first i followed him(in the back garden) and then he started to go somewhere i didn't want him to go because i couldn't follow him there and so i made a big mistake and freaked out so he started running,really fast, and i couldn't keep up with him, by this point i was practically crying,then he tugged on the leash more and more and kind of spazed like trying to get out of the leash.when i finally caught him he was frantic, trying to jump out of my arms which he never does he has always obayed me without force and been affectionate but he was being really aggressive all of a sudden so i just took off the leash and put him back in his cage. I really don't know what to do he doesn't mind the leash im just scared he will freak out on me again and i'll loose him. Please help me!

      email me on:, please!


    • profile image

      TiggerAlly 8 years ago

      I have a rabbit who I take to the park, he just loves running on a leash!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      I didn't know this was something that could be done! The idea of it is adorable... for some reason it doesn't seem like it would be hard, but I dunno... :) Great hub!

    • profile image

      mary 8 years ago

      I went to walmart and found a harness I measured my bunnys body under her front paws she was a bout 10inches i would know what size to get her in the harness.MY husband thought i had lost my mind hes like a bunny on a leash i would like t o see that.well I walked my bunny for the first time was great yeah she so didn't mind me puttting on the leash.:D.BUt you most definitely CANNOT walk them like you would a dog!I just let her roam and try to keep up... I am thinking about getting a longer leash i have a 5ft one but im thinking of getting the one that rolls up where u can let out or shorten the leash.She now has a favorite bush she hides in and munches on.I think she rather enjoyed it (she licked my face a lot when i bought her inside the house.)

    • profile image

      Grace 8 years ago

      My Gray Flemish Giant had bunny like a month ago. I took a liking to the only white one. I have been handaling him every day. First of all should I start putting a harness on him? Second would a lil' pals halter be good for it? and last of all how can you tell his/her gender?

      e-mail me a

    • profile image

      cumie! 8 years ago

      wow my bunny get off its leash but when i read this it walks like a trained dog!

      thank you thankyou soooo much

    • profile image

      Camlil 8 years ago

      We took are lovely bunny for its's first walk in the park today, it was quite good, although occasionaly he became quite stubborn and just lay down. Is there anyway we could train him out of this or is it all just a matter of time? Thanks

    • profile image

      emily 8 years ago

      hi im getting two bunnies sould i walk them after a few weeks then walk them,do it striaght when i get them,or wait until they are older?oh ya they are baby Holland lops and they are three weeks old!

    • profile image

      Lydia 8 years ago

      Hi I have a rabbit and I enjoy him soooo uch people call us inseprable!!

      How do u teel the gender let me know

    • profile image

       8 years ago

      My bunny is male and his name is Pancakes. S far he is taking a very good liking to me. Whenever I pick him up..he doesn't squirm, but he does when others pick him up. When should I start walking w/him? Where can I take him?

    • profile image

      Penelope 8 years ago

      My bunny, Percy, won't let me pick her up. Every time I pick her up she starts to spazz and she wrigles out of my hands. So i can't even try to start to train her how to walk on a leash.

    • profile image

      Alli 8 years ago

      OMG. Im getting a holland lop(boy), and i want to walk him on a leash but im new to the whole bunny. And like, he is a junior. Like a Babby. and Should i wait a while before i put him on his leash? LIke a week??

    • profile image

      Kizza 8 years ago

      When i walk my rabbit she is very scared of the cars that come passed our house. When this happens, she will not move and become frightened, so, what i want to know is will she ever get over her fear? And i know that u should give your rabbit treats when walking, but what treats could u offer? Healthy options if possible? And ur advice is very helpful by the way, thanks! :)

    • profile image

      shienel 8 years ago

      my rabbits name is aj and wen i put his leash on him he squirmes a lot so wat do i do???


    • profile image

      Ashleigh 8 years ago

      Well im getting a 10-11 lb bunnie!! And i wanted to take it on walks to relive some of its engery....and when i get him tomorrow, i'll use these as a guide line ^.^

    • profile image

      Lawl 8 years ago

      Um maybe you should be letting your bunnies type. your grammar offends. all of you.

    • profile image

      Lawl 8 years ago

      Um maybe you should be letting your bunnies type. your grammar offends. all of you.

    • profile image

      Bev 8 years ago

      Hi, Im having serious problems with my two Lops Poppy and Jasmin, Poppy had a litter of 4 when I got her in Aug last year from a place that called themselves a rescue centre and at the time I didn't even know she was pregnant! She was brilliant at first and I could let her roam the house and she would poop in her cage in one area and I didn't have to worry about her at all, althought she wasn't too keen on getting picked up. Then when the littler came along she behaved very strangly, I read a lot about how to look after the litter and also to look after poppy. The litter went after 8 weeks and I kept one of the babies (jasmin) myslef. From then on Poppy poops and wees everywhere, and so does Jasmin, they are very messy, they distroy everything in their sight and im really with my whits end! Poppy keeps getting on Jasmins back and humping her, I mean all the time!!! poor Jasmin whimpers, during the humping and even after when I pull poppy off her... I really don't know what to do for the best. Neither of the them has been Spayed, one of the reasons is due to money shortage because I only expected one rabbit not two, and before I knoew it Poppy had already had 4 babies!! Do you think that getting them spayed would help?? If anyone has any good ideas or helpful hints please can you email me on .... Thanks!

    • profile image

      Victoria Arzu 8 years ago

      I CAN'T WAIT to do this! I LOVE bunnies! This is TOO TOO CUTE.

    • profile image

      gg 8 years ago


      i haven't got a bunny yet

      but i will start training a soon as i get one my dad says yes but my mum says

      no how do you rekon i can convince her to say yes i have tol dher that there not that much work but she still says no

      please hELP ME OUT



    • profile image

      A.L.S 8 years ago

      I am getting a bunny.. and its a dutch x lop or something... well, its 9 weeks old and i haven't really bonded with it yet. How long shall i wait until I take her 4 a walk? p.s is it true that males are more vicious than females?? thanks

    • profile image

      Lara 8 years ago

      for gg: I would suggest showing her how independent you are and show her that you put a lot of work into getting research for how to train one. Plus how much you want one. Tell your mom all about bunnies.

      For Carolyn: get you dutch a lot of toys and special treats only for her/him. Bond with the dutch too so she/he knows you love her/him.

    • profile image

      Abby 8 years ago

      Thanks! This has helped so much. My bunny is just about 1 mounth old, but loves to be outdoors! My bunny loves her cage and can be queit clumsy and squrmy. I don't know why. This has helped alot


    • profile image

      me 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Beast 7 years ago

      I am such a beast crazy person!

    • profile image

      Rachelle 7 years ago

      Hello everyone, I purchased my first rabbit from a breeder at 8 weeks old, He is neutered buck named Pretty Boy, I have had him for 6 months now and I absolutely love him!!!!!, bonding was very slow at first because he was kept in a garage and didn’t have much people contact. it took two months for him to warm up to me, he was a real skittish little guy. Now however he is awesome! Shows me allot of love with kisses and follow me around his bunny proofed room wherever I go. Everything seems to be great he purrs when I pet him and buzzes a love song to me about 2 a week. I feel we have a great bond. However I can not seem to get him comfortable with being held I have researched how to hold rabbits and I feel I am doing everything right, I fear I made a mistake with him as a baby in not holding him unless I had to. I read that you should not hold your rabbit until u establish trust and bond with your rabbit and he was such a skittish frightened baby I didn’t want to set back the bonding by holding him so I never held him!. Now that we have established a bond I have began holding him or trying to once a day he normally struggles or sits there with his ears back. When I put him down he thumps his foot at me and with a foot flick, off he goes lol, thankfully he forgives or forgets fast and is back to following me around. I would really like to be able to hold my rabbit. I want him to trust me and feel comfortable in my arms so I can examine him and eventually be able to take him outside. Right now I feel I don’t have enough control over him in my arms to do anything but hold him there safely. There is no way I could feel him in my arms or even put him in a harness, it scares me because he is getting so big so fast he is turning into a little man, and is very strong! Already. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong or how I can make him at least tolerate me holding him I am exhausted trying to figure it out and asking rabbit experts that just don’t answer my questions.

      I also just got my second rabbit a week ago doe named Precious who is only 8 weeks old, she however is so opposite to my lil man pretty boy. She is not shy at all and is very active she hoped into my lap the second day of having her and runs up to me when I am on the floor to sniff me already. It took months for pretty boy to even approach me I spent 4 hours a day lol I know get a life eh, on the floor just waiting for him to want something to do with me. He still does not hop into me lap he gets as far as his two front paws on my leg and then sits next to me. She however is very squirmy in my arms as well and when I hold her firmly in my arms so she does not hurt herself and she sometimes makes a squeak, which scares me I do not want to frightened her. And I know I am not hurting her. I would really appreciate your advice, on weather I should do the same bonding technique I did with pretty boy before I start picking her up or if that was my downfall with him, and should I be handling her already?

      Thanks so much for your time and help, Rachelle Pretty Boy and Precious.

    • dsletten profile image

      dsletten 7 years ago from United States

      Great hub. This is really interesting!

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      Can u walk pregnant bunnies or can it hurt the babies?

    • profile image

      marie 7 years ago

      my bunnies only let me pick them up when they are really calm and not hyper. what do i do to make me able to carry them in any state they are in?

      it would really help thanks,

      marie =]

    • profile image

      ali 7 years ago

      My rabbit Cole walks great on a harness. I've had him since he was 5 weeks old but i got him from a relative so i was able to see him every 1-2 weeks since he was born but mind you he never squirms when i hold him and when you are taking him on a harness he listens to what you're saying and if you say to him "turn" he turns round,etc. He is a very , very good natured mind you and he usually always licks He is my pride and joy. He is just the best EVER. Oh! By the way as soon as i put the harness on him he just started walking about with no fuss at all!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Mikayla 7 years ago

      i just cant wait to let my bunney run around!! he is a mini rex and his fur feels like velvet!

    • profile image

      christine 7 years ago

      i got a bunny about two weeks ago and i got it a leash and harness (was i being a bit too hasty?) i did nt walk it thought it didn't fit and only my dad carries her cause me my mom and my sister are afraid to because we think we are going to drop her... so my question is when should i let her roam a round and go out for walks and how do you bond with a bunny i mean i hand feed her some times and pet her and she alredy sniffes me and comes up to me so when should i try to pick her up and take out for walks please email me at

    • profile image

      Catherine 7 years ago

      I was wondering what is too tight or too loose for the bunny. i don't want her to get out of it, but i don't want it to be hurting her.

    • profile image

      Autumn 7 years ago

      hi everyone, my birthday is comin up and m mom says i might be getin a bunny for my birthday. i saw a bunny in lockport and i fell in love

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      my little sisters minilop is slightly mad she jamp out of her tall hutch i didn't want her to jump of the balcony so i grabbed her and put her back in her hutch i strocked her till she calmed down how do i stop her from jumping out

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I like rabbit very much. I think this is great advice. thank for share.

    • profile image

      Nathan 7 years ago

      is it ok i have the bunny in side (in a cage too)?

      How can i ask my parents for a rabbit

    • profile image

      JoJo 7 years ago

      Getting the rabbit used to being on a leash (once you get that far!) and restrictions of it can be done by first teaching the rabbit how to give to pressure. This is always first done indoors and in a confined area where you can keep up with the bunny and it can't go anywhere where you cant.Pressure training is done by going some distance from the rabbit and applying Slight and I mean SLIGHT pressure on the leash. Be ready to reward the bunny for any movement toward you (=away form the pressure) by releasing the pressure completely for a 4-5seconds. When the bunny takes a step or several, so that the leash becomes loose naturally, reward it with a food treat. Depending on the bunny, you might first need to release the pressure just for any movement and then later be more specific. Also with some bunnies, it is a better idea to start this by being on the ground level and later proceed to standing and applying the pressure. Always be gentle and if the bunny struggles do not try to keep it close and never aply more pressure as punishment for anything. If the rabbit seems indefferent to the pressure, you can "wiggle" the leah a little every now and then to remind him of the pressure. If the rabbit gets terrified and panics while applying the pressure keep a break (if it does it all the time and you are not applying too much pressure, pressure training is not for you and more trust training is in called for).

      When I first start training a rabbit, and it moves, I will consistently repeat the words "stop" and "go" when the bunny moves and stops. All the raabits so far have learnt the word after about a month this way. These simple commands and the fact that the rabbit konows what to do when I apply pressure on the leash have given me much more control at the walks, and this means safer walks!

    • profile image

      rachel 7 years ago

      can you put steps on how to put a rabbit on a leash,like step




    • profile image

      Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

      Thanks Bunzie and JoJo your advise sounds great and i would like to try it. I am definitely going to have her get used to it in the house first, then our yard, then maybe the park (i'll have to check with maintenance about if they use pesticides on the grass)I hope that she likes it. It's now fall almost winter and i live in New England so I'll wait till spring to try I'll let you know then.

    • profile image

      aleksa 7 years ago

      I have a little honderlop bunny and I need help to train her in time for the rabbit contest in auguest and she has never been in a rabbit contest. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      aleksa 7 years ago

      I have a little honderlop bunny and I need help to train her in time for the rabbit contest in auguest and she has never been in a rabbit contest. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      quinn 7 years ago

      thanx for all of the great help with you and your bnunny training tahanx bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kristen stewert 7 years ago

      I love bunniez and hope you continu to love them 2

    • profile image

      bunny 7 years ago

      i have a bunny and this dose not have to do with the leash thing my bunny is really calm to calm though a tip is to just let him run around in ur house but mae sure betterhe dosent get into to trouble and ur bunny will probably doing a little better

    • profile image

      bunny reply 7 years ago

      hey bunny ur bunnys a little lazy then hey he must ot have gotten enuf

    • profile image

      diannerufus 7 years ago


      I have a rabbit that is 6 months old. She won't let me carry her. What shall I do? I really want to put her on a leash. Can I?

    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      This is so adorable!! I had no idea you could put on a leash! so cute!!!

    • profile image

      deck1234 7 years ago

      Oh this article is kinda weird, but I guess it works

    • profile image

      Jodie 7 years ago

      Hello, i have a flemish giant rabbit, and i really don't know what size leash, I have been to pets at home and other pet stalls but All there leash's are ither to small, or to big, & my rabbit is very big. I want to walk her on the street, do you think this is a bad idea? Because her and my dog get allong really well, and i would love to walk them boh at the same time. And This had really helped, thankyou.

    • profile image

      Hannah 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I have two female dutch bunnies,and got two leashes for my birthday.

    • kkbunnylover profile image

      kkbunnylover 7 years ago

      ok so i have well had a bunny on a leash she would go where ever i wanted her to.just gently slip your foot under there behind then slowly push them forward after three times i took them for a walk (neiboors thought i was crazy) but she finally obayed. but with my other two it took longer and one im still working on so just keep trying and be patiant but it really works and ive used it ever senced and bunnys sale when potty trained and fermaler with a leash.

    • profile image

      lilybo1 6 years ago

      i have 2 bunnys coco and fluffy they are 5 monthes old and i put then both on a leash and coco loved it but sometimes fluffy just sits there looking day i got two leads because my frend and i take them to the park but one day she didn't come so i tock them both by myself BIG MISTAKE*when i put them down in the park they both ran oppisate ways and for

    • profile image

      lilybo1 6 years ago

      ages i was calling for my mum to help.i love my rabbits to bits but if you can can could you help me with coco he is a bit aggressise

    • profile image

      emma 6 years ago

      Yes u just have 2 make sure the leash is not 2 long u can also get harneses

    • profile image

      Kristen 6 years ago

      Thanks 4 the tips but one thing. My bunny i mostly used to me. I bought him a harness and leash from petsmart today (6/22/2010) and he was good in the store but when i tried at my house he would try to go to bushes so i picked him up and put him somewere point is he chews it. and i have had him for 6 years? wat do i do?

    • profile image

      Kristen 6 years ago

      Ive been doing everything u said well no treats he wont eat them. anyway he used to love me but now because of this training he HATES me! we bought a leash and harness and i need to train him how to use it. tell me wat to do!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Batbug 6 years ago

      I have a mini lop rabbit who is choccolate brown and is SOOOOO adorible! i got him from a shelter about 4 months ago his name is Chip (like choccolate chip) and he is really swet but when i hold him sometimes he freaks out and scratches the side of me really hard, should i be worried??? and when i put him on a leash he just sits and wont move :(

    • daisybunny profile image

      daisybunny 6 years ago from Canada

      Check out my Hub. On mine, you can walk your rabbit on a leash like a doesn't lead you!

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      My dad had a bunny when he was a boy and he used to walk his around on a leash. I wondered if that was possible because bunnies are so small. Also, I wanted to walk my bunny. Then I read this and i said Wow, you really can walk bunmies and i can walk mine! I'm going to buy a harness for Rusty (he is a light brown and soooo cute!) I got Rusty last last week and he is ADORABLE!!!!! We also have a GIANT cage for him and next week, we are getting him a friend! That's right, another bunny! What should i name her??

    • profile image

      Caitlin D 6 years ago

      I have had rabbits since i was about 6. I had my rabbit on the leash, and he chewed thriugh it!! i don't know why, because i fed her regularly. I bought another one this year which i have had for a while now, and they are still going up to the back of the yard and chewing on the grass. One of them started trying to get out of it, and they are still learning not to chew through it, as the leash has afew bite marks in it... I don't know how to stop my rabbits from chewing through THIS harnass and leash!!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Caitlin D i'll had rabbits for a long time. To avoid chewing try to leave the harness on without lead for a few minutes in an small area with no grass then show her the lead then clip it on. Next hold it behind the rabbit and try get her to ignore the leash. With some luck and some patience your rabbit will learn to ignore it espically if you avoid pulling suddenly. The harness should be tight enough so that the rabbit can really get to it but you should be able to slide two fingers in and out. Really hopes this helps.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Mistake on last part should read=The harness should be tight enough so your rabbit can't really get to it but you should be able to slide two fingers in and out. Really hopes this helps.

    • profile image

      Xuut 6 years ago

      For all the people who have tried and found their bunny reacting badly...

      Don't do it.

      It might be cute but clearly your bunny doesn't like it. All you're doing is distressing your bunny. Sometimes mine doesn't feel like walking and he won't let me put on his harness so I don't put him in it. It's rather cruel to force your animal to do something you want them to do isn't it?

      If you're really set on it, bond more with your bunny. They might start to like you more and like the leash might be easier to put on. However if the negative opinion continues, just stop.

      Also if your bunny's eye's are bulging, GET THE HARNESS OFF IMMEDIATELY. One time that happened to my bunny and it was choking him. He had moved twisted it so that it was too tight around his neck. When you pull back on the leash it tugs at the bunny's neck and it hurts them.

      Hope this helps. :)

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      hi i have a 10 week old mini lop bunny. his name is oreo and he's very cofertable around me. my parents just bought a leash and i put it on him. he didn't struggle but my mom says i should keep to harness on him all day and night. should i take it off after every walk or is it ok to keep it on him?

    • profile image

      bunnylover808 6 years ago

      thanks, a lot of help! wich do u think is better a harness or colar and leash??

    • profile image

      bunnyluvr 6 years ago

      For bunnylover808, I would suggest the actual thing that goes around the rabbit, and then a harness that expands so they can run around more without having to chase after them. This is what I have and it works quite well.

    • profile image

      bunnygirl 6 years ago

      hi you guys i really want a buuny but don't know how to tell my mom i want one ive already look it researched it and found what bunny i want all i have to do is ask can some one give me advice on asking

    • profile image

      bunnylover 6 years ago

      hi i have two lionhead rabbits and asking my mom was a big deal too, but don't be nervous try to talk to your mom slowly. also it's better to get two rabbits than one they're happier. what breed are you planing to get? if you get two its better to get two females than males if you get two of a different gender than its wise to fix and nueture them i hope that helps you can reply how old are you?

    • profile image

      bunnylover 6 years ago

      hi im ten and i would like to talk to you and get to know some peoplr that also have rabbits none of my friends have rabbits

    • profile image

      bunnylover 6 years ago

      hi please replyi check every day and get no replys

    • profile image

      jonathan 6 years ago

      oh drats i wish i coud take my bunnyeis everywheere i want

    • profile image

      lauren 6 years ago

      lol have been wanking Cocoa for a few weeks now and he loves it! well i don't really take him for walks he takes me for runs!

    • profile image

      hallie 6 years ago

      hi am usaly known as bunnylover but so what. lauren what kind of rabbit is cocoa?is cocoa a boy or a girl? i have a female and male ,they are lionheads but they are brother and sister so they cant be breed together. iam getting a harness for both of them and think it will be fun taking my bunnys for a walk

    • profile image

      cloe 220 6 years ago

      cool this helped a lot thnks does it hurt there paws on pathment

    • profile image

      hallie 6 years ago

      no it doesn't there claws keep there pads of it if its hot don't put the rabbit on it

    • profile image

      yo man 6 years ago

      I will tri it wen i will have a bunie

      yo godbye

    • profile image

      Jackie Chan 6 years ago

      I'm so excited to start walking my bunny! To bad it just barely snowed. Oh well she will learn to love the cold. Thanks for your advice. ;) :P

    • profile image

      madison 6 years ago

      i tried walking her that harness was a nice fit but she slipped out but i didn't want to spooke her so i crept up the harness i had twisted her paw when she ran so the vet had to fix it so now i am sure to always make sure the harness fits

    • profile image

      Terri 6 years ago

      Hi I've just brought a giant bunny it's about 15 weeks old and was wondering when he can go for a walk as it's very cold at the moment and he has and is being kept indoors is it too cold outside for him or is it ok?

    • profile image

      Harriet  6 years ago

      Hi I've got two lion head girl rabbits and a lop eared female. They are called Tallulah Sasha and Maisie. Tallulah doesn't get on with Maisie and Sasha, she only gets on with Charlie my next door neighbours rabbit. I found your website really helpful because my bunnys love to be cuddled. I always walk them on their harnesses but they like going near the road and near people and dogs. I was just wondering would i be able to take them out when its cold and raining or not? If not i take her to my friends house. They loving jumping over jumps they go up to my knee ad i am 12! they love sleeping in my arms and bouncing about. The strange thing is they use a potty to do their stuff in is that normal?

    • profile image

      anna 6 years ago

      i going to be getting a bunny soon:):):):):0:::::::):::::::::::::::::::::::::)))))))))))):;);;;;0;0;0;;;;0;

    • profile image

      heather 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Vic stic  6 years ago

      I have had a rabbit for five months I tried putting it on a leash but it just ran underneath a chair what should I do? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Birdie 6 years ago

      I got a gray and white dutch bunny, and he freaks out if i put a harness anywhere close to him. I guess patience is a virtue...

    • profile image

      Birdie  6 years ago

      Oh ya, and lawl is it, like a little while ago you said these peoples grammar offends you? *shakes head* i know its a bit late saying this but srsly, its called txt talk. *rolls eyes* some people...;)

    • profile image

      Kayla 6 years ago

      ohhh how lovely it is to find other bunny lovers!

      My bunny was not cuddled much as a baby, but now that i have her i am very affectionate without receiving much in return! is there anyway the bunny will turn into a more affectionate bunny with patience and time?

    • profile image

      bernny 6 years ago

      im so happy to hve another bunny in our home to love.But he can be stuggern i, was just to so that it is soooooo sooooooo sooooooo cute and we just jot him yesturday. he is soo cuddly and he liks to bit things. Sometimes he bits me on the neck of mine it hurts badlY. i WASwondering why it shaks bad on it stomick and it is so hard to focicks on him because we have a cat that is NOT LEVING IT ALONE AT ALL!!!!!!

    • profile image

      BunnyLover01 6 years ago

      Hi, i have a rabbit & she is a bit aggressive at times but a very nice bunny! When i put a leash on her she kinda freaks out! Sometimes i just sit with her with the harness on not the actual leash but she is ok then! I just don't understand what is going on! I've tried with the leash on but she tried running off (I was in the back garden though, so it was ok) i didn't tug or anything so my sister said let go, so i did then she was perfectly fine! I just don't know what's going on! =/

    • profile image

      megsie 6 years ago

      Hello, i also have a rabbit! I did have two, her & this adorable grey and white lop-eared! He was a good boy but then he died and now I only have the one! I think when i put her on the lead she doesn't like it anymore because i used to walk them both together in the back garden. But now i think she is lonely without him. She wont move when i try and follow her! Im trying not to rush her but when i don't know what to do now! I guess it might be the loss of him. She is very healthy and has 2 bowls of food a day, one with rabbit nuggets and the other with a bit of grass and a run around to top it off! But i put the leash on and she doesn't do anything. please help!

    • profile image

      Tezzy361 6 years ago

      I love my bunny and I want to put it on a leash and just walk around with it in the back yard and thanx to this I did it

    • profile image

      Botan 6 years ago

      thx for your info. this is so usefull. i always curious, how can i put a least into my rabbit. but i don't find any comfortable harnest in my country. it just a single harnest just for the body or the neck, not for both. i'm afraid it just make my rabbit mad. but i always want take my rabbit walk on a least :s

    • profile image

      Reni 6 years ago

      wow this helps a ton I just got the cutest netherland dwarf named oreo And I am trying to teach him to show jump but I heard that when you start training them you need to have them on a leash PS. how much are standard harnesses and leashes and where can I get them I also wanted to know if can you use a dog leash on your bunny.

    • profile image

      corey 6 years ago

      hi i just got a 3 week old minilop and i ADORE him he is the best i want to get him to be comfortable with me and he seems to be doing so more and more but how can i make him super comfortable about being handled? and also is it ok once i get him on a leash to walk him on pavement?

      please respond to


    • profile image

      Candi 6 years ago

      Hi I am getting a bunny (probably a dutch or netherland dwarf) and I am deffinitley going to walk it! The only trouble is that I Am actually having trouble finding a good bunny to buy! Where should I look? Thanks!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      HI, basically i want to train my bunny to jump and i am going to start by having him on a lead and asking him to jump it, i handle him everyday and i have had him for 7years and he is so good and tame and sweet and will come to me and lets me hold him like a baby and when i put it on he stands there and when i ask him to move him goes on 2back feet but i realy really want to get him to jump! and he wint jump without a leadd, please help me? any ideass? thankss!

    • profile image

      kaila 5 years ago

      hi i'm getting a bunny soon and i was wondering which would get bigger a male or a female? thx

    • profile image

      THE bunny lover 5 years ago

      hi, this post is for kaila, um i think a male will grow much bigger

    • profile image

      Jess 5 years ago

      I got a lead and harness 2day for my 16 week lionhead rabbit, he can be slightly vicious and sometimes bites and scratches so I was sure he would have a go at me for putting the harness on him but he loves it! I originally got it so I could let him run round the garden and not be stuck in his run. The harness was easy peasy to put on him and he loves it ;)

    • profile image

      anna jones 5 years ago

      wow...this really helped me learn how to walk my bunny like a dog.but i have 1 more Q:where do you buy a bunny collar?A:??????????

    • profile image

      Dixie  5 years ago


    • profile image

      Roxy 5 years ago

      I walked my bunny for the first time today, he was a little scared at first and wasn't quite sure about the whole idea. I didn't use a bunny harness because i didn't realise you had too, so i just used a soft collar and a piece of string. I was gental with him and never tugged on it because i was scared i would hurt him. But after a little push he started to run round and seemed to enjoy himself. Any info on how to protect him for harm and what's best for him when walking would be GREAT! please e-mail me on Thanks guys

    • profile image

      Audras 5 years ago

      I just got a bunny and I feel like she hates me. This will probly help;).


    • profile image

      molly 5 years ago

      hi i have one bunny ( its a solid black one ) im scared what happened last time because she sliped right out of the leash so where is the best spot to get harneses

    • profile image

      Kira 5 years ago

      I used to do this with Alvi my bunny he used to run off and I would have to run after him but sadly he died a year ago after a cat worked out how to get in to his enclosure. I miss him so much ;(

    • profile image

      Molly 5 years ago

      I have bought a lead for my rabbit Timmy he takes me for a run in the garden when its summer!! I have also taught him to pass he picks up the paper and popes it in to my had !!! xx

    • profile image

      samira 5 years ago

      well i put my adorable bunny on a leash (it was it's first time)but it keeps on getting out of it please HELP me.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      asdfasdf 5 years ago

      maybe the harness doesn't fit right samira?

    • profile image

      bunny 5 years ago

      my bunny just slips of the leash

    • profile image

      lisly 5 years ago

      Hello i am lisly i have a bunny that is so cute !

    • profile image

      jessica 5 years ago

      i have an American Chinchilla named Luigi and he is soo cute but he does not mind being on a leash much but if he is not in the mood to he will not let me put it on him. I got him in the beginning of November he was 6 weeks and at the beginning he was very calm and did not like it when people approached him but if i let him run around he would like to come and jump up and sit in my lap but i tried taking him out i guess before he was ready because he seemed really scared so i would not recommend taking them out until you get to really know them and you have had them for around a month or so. now he is really settled down a lot since i got him and i usually send him to my friends house(who also has a rabbit) so they can play together, and he really likes it :)

    • profile image

      joel 5 years ago

      how do you make a rabbit lead and how do I train my


    • profile image

      Cassie or Bob 5 years ago

      My bunny Mocha is fine at it,but 2 things.He will not move at all he just sits.And second is I want him to follow me.Please answer!

    • profile image

      daniella 5 years ago

      cassie or bob first of all bunnys do not follow u,u follow them secondly u have to get to know him better for him to move because if he is not moving that means that he is scared. third of all to make him not scared any more pet him some more and carry him around a little

      hope this helps :)

    • profile image

      guinea pig fan furever 5 years ago

      To Cassie or Bob

      hi, kinda weird. my rabbit's name is tapioca after a class guinea pig named mochioca(a combo of mocha and tapioca) so whenever i hear mocha, it reminds me of mochioca.

      okay, be patient with your rabbit. it's a great start with him on his leash. tapi took weeks to actually talking steps around to reach better grass. remember a lot of predators are around like stray cats and dogs. best thing to do is let him walk around your house first, get him used to it, without the harness. then when he's fine, get him in the harness. when he's fine with that, place him on the leash. leashes are a big deal with rabbits and i suggest getting really short ones at first so you can be real close to them. and so they can't run away all of a sudden and come to the end to find a surprise. when he gets the concept of not being able to run freely, gently tug on the leash. apply a little pressure until he take a hop closer to relieve himself of the pressure. rabbits are real smart like that. be careful to always be looking at him and have a firm grip on the leash. tapi jerked it out of my hands tons of times when i get distracted with cats coming closer so it's difficult paying attention to everything. if another animal comes close, pick up your pet immediately. my neighbors had two chihuahuas and i thought they were cool until they double attacked tapi. also, watch it when mocha starts to run. run after him. when he's going to a place he's not to, slow down. feeling the pressure, he'll slow down too. if you want him to go where you want, step in front of him and nudge him gently with your shoe. keep the training going everyday so he gets used to it and hopefully, in no time, he'll be hopping along but take everything by little bunny hops and try understanding it the bunny way not the human way.

    • profile image

      Rose 5 years ago

      thats funny. I have a rabbit that doesn't like being handled at all, but when i risked putting a leash on him to start training, he behaved so well it was shocking! He was so relaxed with it, i actually sat down next to him and he was totally chilled and layed in that one spot for ages. But my previous rabbit was the total opposite, he loved nothing more than a cuddle, but when i put a leash on him, he was forever trying to escape from it.

    • profile image

      daisy 5 years ago

      hi thank you i have a rabit about two months but i don't know how can you write about it more i love the idea very much

    • profile image

      kate 4 years ago

      I like the idea hope it works. Thank you

    • profile image

      soya 4 years ago

      i don't have a rabbit, but I have 2 guinea pigs. When i put one of the guinea pigs on the lead she escaped into a bush but i managed to get her back.i sometimes sit her in my lap on the grass but, she keeps on trying to escape. Is there a way to train her not to do this or is it imposible

    • profile image

      max 4 years ago

      i have 2 rabbits, 1 belongs to my brother and he is adorable and cuddly. my rabbit is a bastard and escapes onto the street whenever he can. i can't let my brother's out while mine is still in the hutch because it isn't fair on him. i wake up every morning and i see him in his hutch and i fell so guilty because he looks so bored. i don't know what to do! i have considered buying him a leash but i don't know if i can trust him not to panic. he doesn't like being handled and he bites and scratches really badly. i think i was too hard on him when he was little and thats why he doesn't like me (mind you, he does't really like anyone, i think he's just very hard core). i am seriously considering walking him on a leash but i'm worried he'll panic. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

    • profile image

      Lulu 4 years ago

      When I started my rabbit Coco keep getting of and I NEED HELP please help me.

      I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO it is so hard HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      cassie 4 years ago

      i have a bunny named cherry and i put her on a leash for the first time and she handeled it great thanks soooo much :)

    • profile image

      Nicolette 4 years ago

      Wow. I am reading these comments and am in disbelief how poorly educated some of these people are on owning pet rabbits, yet they go out and purchase them without a clue.

      Rabbits cannot be "walked" on leashes. They can be put in harnesses and then let to run free for you to follow, but NO, they will NEVER FOLLOW YOU. There are exceptions to every rule, but as a rule, your pet rabbit is an independent being and doesn't seek your approval like a dog might, so he will probably want to run wild and free, not follow you around.

      Second of all, if your rabbit is getting out of the harness, it is 1) not secure on the rabbit's body, and 2) should not be on your rabbit at all. If your rabbit does not enjoy being on a harness, don't force it. I have four pet rabbits- only ONE of the four will tolerate a harness, and she only likes it in the snow. I've tried harnesses on all of my indoor pet rabbits and they all try to wiggle out of them or lay down and don't move. Not all rabbits appreciate the new experience; they like what they are used to. It is disappointing to learn you have brat rabbits (I have three brat rabbits) that won't try anything new, but that is their personality- and I deal with it.

      I am not sure how old some of you are- it seems some of you may not be adults. Patience is required when dealing with rabbits. If you don't have patience, you shouldn't have a rabbit. READ UP ON YOUR PET!

      Someone above said they had a rabbit that is 3 weeks old. I realize that it is an old post, but seriously- a rabbit should not be weened from its mother until it is 6 weeks old AT EARLIEST. It's best to wait until 8 weeks, though.

    • profile image

      Abby 4 years ago

      my rabbit is 2 years old and lurrves being handled but when i put his harness on he trys to chew threw it and he bites me what shall i do

      thanks abby

    • profile image

      Caitlin 4 years ago

      Thank you so much I just got my bunny in April. She is a crazy little bunny and a biter hopefully walking her on a leash will calm her down a little.

      Thanks again, Caitlin

    • profile image

      Marieta 4 years ago

      Hi, still pretty new to the whole bunny ownership! Tinkerbell is 11weeks old, and loves wlking! Hahahaha, she runs and hopsand jumps and does her cute little dances when were outside. I usually take her to a park filled with ducks, so she has a mean time chasing them. WhAt i did find is that when she feels prey, shell hide between my legs and lay completely still and i would then have to pick her up and cuddle her in my neck and give her lots of love so that she feels safe. If i introduce her to a new park, she walks very slowy and robot like, very inquisitive and wont go anywhere where she cant see me. I must just say, that for the last 2weeks we have been walking "together" . She will @times stop and play around on one spot, but will move on with me. I found at the beginning that she didn't like the bell on the harness. She would try and chewand toss it, so i just removed it, now she sits quietly while i put on her harness and wego out for 30 to 45 min of fun a day. Great bonding time!!!

    • Bunnylover36 profile image

      Bunnylover36 4 years ago

      I have to train 2 male bunnies to walk on a leash I can't even get on a harness PLEASE HELP ME

    • profile image

      Vella 3 years ago

      Thankyou for the info I will have to give it a go.

      But is 8 weeks to young to start? or not. I have had her for 3 weeks now so we have a great bond. : )

    • profile image

      Lauren 3 years ago

      I am glad I looked this up... I was just trying to walk my mini Rex but he wasn't following me. I was thinking " why won't you walk with me?" He doesn't mind the leash and harness at all. And he is a very sweet bunny and loved to be handled from the time we got him. Thank you for the tips. I am going to go try this now! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago


      I recently adopted a rabbit. I bought a starter kit with a cage. It is in my bedroom. I try to keep it as clean as possible, but some how Beatrice manages to pee outside the cage....what do I do? I like keeping her in the house, but she is causing my room to smell horrible.

    • profile image

      kayla 2 years ago

      I have a rescued rabbit from the streets and hse loves running around so I took her outside and she loves it. Also when I was little we used to walk our goat funniest thing ever. Thankyou for the tips

    • profile image

      Aubree 23 months ago

      I want to train my bunny Pepper how to walk on a leash. I need to get the equipment first, but I think I could do it!

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