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How We Got Rid of Those Pesky Fleas

Updated on June 19, 2013

Life Lesson: Free Kitten = Free Fleas.

As first time pet owners, my husband and I decided that our wee kitten was above the expensive, chemical flea medicine. We got her organic, herbal flea medicine that was safe, smelled like lemon, and apparently attracted fleas instead of killing them.

One night at about 10pm when a little black bug jumped from my cat to my leg, we made the startling discovery that we had a minor infestation. Unfortunately, I am not capable of sleeping when there is a known bug in the house. After the creepy crawly feeling sets in, bug removal is number one priority until further notice. (My poor husband) So I forced him to go with me to the store and buy every flea removal product available, came back home locked and loaded and ready to take back the house that moment. It was about midnight. Fun.

Little did I know that it wasn't quite that easy, or that sometimes fleas are immune to certain kinds of spray. (or maybe just the zombie fleas living in our house)

So after a few days of getting seemingly nowhere, we changed our tactic. I needed sleep. The situation was dire.

This was the method that worked for us:

1. Research. We discovered that fleas can't or won't lay eggs on any surface that isn't feline because they have to have a meal before they lay the eggs. Solution?

- Attempt to give kitty a flea bath. Advice: Close the bathroom door and wear long sleeves. Also, clip the cat's nails before the bath. Just saying.

- Then apply Frontline Plus. This stuff actually kills the stupid things.

- Comb the kitty. Aim for the tail, neck, armpits, and hind legs. Trap the fleas in a glass of water with flea shampoo mixed in. Lice gel also traps them well. If you don't, they will escape. Fleas are crafty and can swim.

2. At that time we didn't have a free afternoon to vacate the house with the cat for several hours while we set off a flea bomb, so we had to think of other methods.

3. We liked this one: Non Iodized Salt. LOTS of Non Iodized Salt. Spread liberally on every carpeted area in the home. (Lucky for us we are in a small rental at the moment). Wait 24 hrs.

4. Then VACUUM. We then put a line of salt in every doorway to "block the fleas" from leaving a room. Not sure if it worked or not, but we gave it a try. (Random Sidenote* Pouring flour where ants are trying to get in your house works really well to get rid of them! They can't breathe near it because its so fine)

5. Repeat. We did this several times over the course of 3 or 4 days. We kept spraying too. Something was bound to work.

6. When we noticed that the Frontline Plus had kicked in well, and we stopped seeing signs of the little buggers, as one final blow we set off flea bombs in every room.

We've been flea free for 5 months, and the whole process only took about a week.

Lesson Learned.

This stuff works too if you can find it!



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