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How do dogs adapt to new surroundings?

Updated on June 29, 2009

Yes! Today would be a red letter day. After a long wait you are finally bringing a new puppy home. You have the crate ready, the doggie bowls, the food and the doggie toys. You have read books on the personality and on the necessary care for the breed. But are you ready to deal with the behavior of the dog at least for the first 48 hours. Don’t let the anticipation of happy moments with the new pet be dampened by the rather undesirable behavior of the pup. You may be a new dog owner but it would help a lot if you would know how to deal with the quirky behavior of the dog. Realize this: the puppy’s world was turned upside down. Apart from being parted from the mother and the littermates, the pup will suddenly be introduced to new surroundings, new smells, and new sounds not to mention the new housemates. You would react in a pretty much the same manner if you are suddenly “transplanted” to a new office with new office mates.

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Dogs have different personalities. While some would easily adapt to the new environment, others would react negatively. The nervous dog may urine mark the furniture or decorate it with teeth marks. Accidents inside the house would not be an uncommon occurrence. What would you do to ease the dog’s transition to a new environment? Dogs, unlike cats form a strong bond with its master. It would be a good idea to cuddle the dog from the breeder to your home. This way the pup will be accustomed to your touch, voice and smell. Familiarize the dog to its new surroundings. Take the dog to every room in the house and to the yard. It would help if you spend time with the dog at least for the first few hours. The dog will miss its mom and siblings so do not be surprised if the dog keeps you up all night with its whimpering. Cuddling and staying with the dog for a while would help but for your sake do not overdo the reassuring act as it can worsen the situation. When the dog realizes that it only has to bark or whimper to get you running, it would bark and whimper continuously.

Moving to a new environment would be traumatic for the dog. Fortunately, our furry friends are highly adaptable. Puppies become accustomed pretty fast. After a day or two, the dog will get used to its new surroundings especially if it is showered with reassurance and love.

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