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How not to lose patience with your dogs

Updated on June 24, 2015

You are probably holding on to that last grip of your patience with your dog that’s why you came across this article. Dogs are just adorable but sometimes they make and do things that aren’t that adorable anymore. From my personal experience having our four dogs in our house is really a hard work. Hopefully, these tips will make your patience tank be filled again.

Shelby Marlo's New Art of Dog Training: Balancing Love and Discipline
Shelby Marlo's New Art of Dog Training: Balancing Love and Discipline

Books such as these are great reference in disciplining your dogs.


Teach them their limitations

Just like a child that you taught he can’t touch that electric outlet, let the dogs know they can’t use your favorite shoe as a toy. Dogs have an IQ of two years old, so it’s possible to talk to them and let them know if they’re actions are disobeying your rules. They can recognize the tone of your voice,if you are definitely angry, let them know and feel it. You can talk all you want, though it’s a fact that they can’t talk back, at least you release that feeling of disappointment and exhaustion.

A cute pup begging for your mercy
A cute pup begging for your mercy | Source

Appreciate their cuteness

Dog and man’s friendship aren’t always sunshine, it has some ups and downs. When all else fails, just appreciate their super cuteness! I admit it, when sometimes they get over my head and I’m about to do something that may hurt them like slap them in their cute butt, it’s hard to do if you can see their expression of “please have mercy” with matching sparkling of eyes.

Remember that you allowed them to be part of your life

Okay, some might say: they were just brought here by my (mom, dad, sis, bro) but in a way you little by little allowed the dog into your life. But to those many of us that willingly decided to welcome the dog to be part of the family, we should embrace everything about them, be of good and not so good. Accept their wackiness and their warm hugs just like they accept yours.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness,  Medium/Large, BLACK/SILVER for Dogs
PetSafe Easy Walk Harness, Medium/Large, BLACK/SILVER for Dogs

This harness for dogs like this one are great to used.It fits perfectly and very comfy.


Have quality time together

In every relationship, time for each other is best. We and our dogs needs also time together to be closer and to better have deep connection. As an owner, we must know our dogs very well and so likewise, our dog may know us as well. This will likely introduce to our dogs the things we like them doing and the thing we don’t like them doing. Simple walks in the park are quality time together. They need our attention and not just feeding them. Dogs need to feel that you enjoy them being part of your life. These treasured moment you have with them can set you to have patience with him more. Based from my experience, often times they annoy me to seek my attention after a whole day of busy work, and then I realized they ask for a little cuddle time and these make my day a little better.

Are you having patience deficit with your dogs lately?

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Understand that you’re the only one they can depend on

If you lose patience and decided for example in extreme situation to put them in animal shelter, imagine how he or she would feel. Abandoned? Rejected? Unaccepted? Not loved? Would you want that to feel yourself? Sorry for the guilt part I caused you back there, but try to realize, your dog has only you to cling on. ”So please have patience with me” that’s what they can’t say but want to. After they’ve done a terrible thing and saw you really frustrated they can understand that what they did should never be repeated. They make mistakes, just like us humans.

There are for sure a lot of other ways out there to lengthen our patience with our dog buddies.It all boils down with our love for them which in return they give us a genuine love that's so incredible.

How about you?Care to share your techniques to not to lose patience with your dogs?Hit it at the comments below!



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