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How often should I clip my dog’s nails?

Updated on April 10, 2012

Don’t bother clipping your dog’s nails. The nails are naturally kept short when the dog scratch hard surfaces …Nail trimming for dogs must be done every week…In the wild, dogs’ nails are not trimmed. Modern day dogs don’t need it either. These are only some of the varied views of dog owners regarding nail clipping. Do you share their ideas? Do you or don’t you cut your dog’s nails? Dogs are pampered pets. Look how dog owners would provide the pet with fashionable accessories. Dog owners would bring the pet to swanky pet saloons to have the fur groomed and to have the ears and teeth cleaned. Dog owners are prepared to pay top dollar to give the pet a good pedicure. This is how people love their dogs.

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Why is there a need to clip the dog’s nails?

You need to clip the nails of your pet if you do not want your Vera Wang’s gown ruined when your pet jumps all over you. Dogs have the inclination to jump at people they love. The long nails of the pet can scratch your skin. Long nails that get snagged in the carpet can be broken and cause the dog pain. We know how dogs would worry any body part that is in pain. Constant pulling, licking and biting of the broken nail can result to infection. Long nails can impair the dogs gait and cause lameness. Dogs walk with the pads of their feet. If the nails of the dogs are allowed to grow too long, the nails and not the pads of the toes will touch the ground when they walk or when they jump. Not only would it cause the dog pain it can also splay the toes and cause lameness.

How often do dogs need nail trimming?

The need to clip the nails varies from dog to dog. Some dogs do not even require nail clipping. If you make sure that your dog is regularly provided with the right exercise you can be released from the need to give the pet a pedicure. Regular exercise on concrete or on rough surfaces will maintain the ideal length of the dog’s nails as the rough surface will serve as a nail file that will naturally wear down the nail with every step the dog takes. Dogs that walk in carpeted floors would need to have the nails clipped. The clicking of the long nails on the concrete floor when the dog walks is your cue to bring out the nail clippers. Nail clipping for these dogs must be done every four to six weeks.

How do you clip your dog’s nails safely?

When it comes to nail clipping most dog owners would procrastinate as dogs are usually resistant making this part of grooming routine difficult. The chore can be done by introducing the pet to this grooming routine gently. Talk to the pet in an upbeat voice all throughout the process. Dogs are food motivated so you can use treats to entice the dog to be cooperative. Make sure to use a sharp clipper and be careful not to cut the quick.

How To Trim Your Dog's Nails

How to Trim Your Dog's Nails


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      6 years ago from New York

      Informative and necessary reminder. Making the point of the dog being harmed without his nails cut is the most important thing about cutting a dog's nails. Loved the dog photos!


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