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How to Bathe A Long Haired Cat

Updated on January 21, 2011

Bathing Long Haired Cats Requires Patience

Gently Bathe the Cat for Optimum Cat Health

Cats can be divided into two basic types: long haired cats and short haired cats. Long haired cats are popular because they tend to have soft fur and the capacity to endure cold weather. Keeping a long haired cat in great shape requires a lot of work sometimes. A long haired cat's fur may easily become matted if you are not careful with the grooming. Some long haired cat breeds may also need additional care such as wiping around the cat's eyes. Bathing your cat at least one a month is a necessity if you want the cat's fur to look good. A proper bath will involve several steps. Once these steps are followed the cat will feel better.


A good bath is a good thing for any long haired cat.

Start by giving the cat a quick comb. The comb should go through the cat's fur first. You want to get out minor knots before you begin. The second thing you should do is carefully use a brush to help the cat's fur shine.

After a complete brushing it is time to prepare the cat's bath. Some breeds of cats like baths. A Maine Coon cat or docile Persian may accept the bath very willingly without any problem. Other cat breeds or individual cats may not be quite as happy to get bathed. Ideally you should start by introducing the idea of a bath to a cat as a young kitten.

Run the bathwater until it is tepid and about three to four inches deep. This will allow the water to come up the cat's chin and still feel comfortable. While the bath is running gather your supplies. You will need goop, dishwashing liquid and cat shampoo. You should also have at least three towels on hand and a blowdryer as well.

Then it is time to get the cat. Gently clutch the cat in your arms and lower her into the bath water. Wet her completely. Use a separate shower detachment if necessary. The water should seep into her paws, tail and torso. Do not get water in her eyes.

Once the cat is wet, apply goop. Goop is a degreasing substance designed to help reduce the oils in a cat's fur. Oils are necessary for good health. However, too many can hurt the cat and cause fur balls. Rinse the cat dry with water.

Your second step is to place a small amount of dishwashing liquid on the cat's fur. The dishwashing liquid helps get out mats and acts a conditioner. Rub the dishwashing liquid into the cat's fur for optimal cat health. Rinse it out with water.

The final step to washing a long haired cat is to wash them with cat shampoo. A cat shampoo formulated specifically for long haired cats is ideal. After this step is completed, thoroughly rinse off the cat. No trace of any soap should remain the cat's fur. A bit of soap can interfere with a cat's health.

Take the cat out of the bath and rub her down with a towel. Some cats will submit to a blow dryer. Others hate the sound. If possible allow her to sit in a well heated room with a litter box and some food for at least an hour. She will lick off any excess water from her fur.

Give Your Cat a Bath


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