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How To Build A Love Bond With Your Pet Dog

Updated on December 8, 2018
A real love bond depends on true care
A real love bond depends on true care

To make a love bond with your dearest pet, it is important to study its psychology and taking proper care of it. The psychology and behavior of dogs has been a great research for a long time. Once you are learnt the different facts about dog psychology and dog behavior, you will be able to handle various issues happen to your dog. To face the needs of your favorite pet dog, you need to learn its psychology.

Knowing dog psychology helps to understand its activities more
Knowing dog psychology helps to understand its activities more

How to Learn Dog Psychology

Knowing dog psychology helps you to understand their body language which makes it easy to react according to their needs. And it will help to come closer to your dearest pet. Here are some peculiarities of dog psychology.

Dogs draw the attention by barking: Dogs use to bark when they need. For instance, whenever your dog gets hungry, it may bark just near its feeding bowl so that you can pay heed and full the bowl with food. Doing so a mutual understanding is built naturally between you two.

Dogs understand voice indications: Whenever you talk to your pet dog, it can react according to your voice tones. Such as if you call your pet with a happy voice, it will get excited. Similarly, when you talk to it with a harsh or sad voice, your pet may get sad or frightened. Even researches show that if there is fear in your voice tone, dogs can understand and tend to protect you. Like human beings dogs do have emotions of happiness, fear and sadness.

Dogs do have emotions
Dogs do have emotions

Dogs do feel jealousy: Dogs experience the sense of jealousy about rewards. Whenever one dog is rewarded before another, it becomes jealous. They only care about giving reward not the objects given as rewards.

Dogs follow their canine friends: Dogs naturally mimics their canine friends and that helps them to learn quicker. An older dog in the house work as a mentor for a newer one. If the older dog is well trained, the younger dog adopts its behavior and learns the commands quickly.

Dogs feel insecure: Whenever you see sadness in the eyes of your dog, it may the sign of its feeling insecurity. If you react towards your pet with anger, it gets confused and unhappy. Remember that your dog needs proper attention, care and a balanced discipline.Acceptable behavior can make its life happier.

Dogs Dream: Research shows that dogs can dream. Your dog may cry, twitch, move its paws, huff and bark in its sleep. These are the signs of its dreaming. The dreams of dogs commonly involve the activities they do such as their playing, running or chasing animals.

Dogs can dream
Dogs can dream

Train Your Dog to Stimulate its Mind

Dogs do have boredom like human being.So, they need mental stimulation. You can stimulate your dog by various obedience training. You can train your dog sit, run, stay, and reacting by your call. Proper training helps to improve the bond between you and your dog. During the training period, giving small rewards motivates your dog more.

Basic trainings of Dogs

How to take proper care of your pet dog

In order to get close to your pet dog, you must ensure proper care of it. Here are some tips given below about dog care.

What and how to feed your dog: Nutritious food that is of high quality is always good to feed your dog. The main meal should be full of protein that may be different types of meat. Consult with your veterinarian about the food menu, schedule and the amount of food those are appropriate for your pet. Generally dogs have the recommendations to feed twice a day. Give clean water beside food or any time you think that can be given.

Dogs are used to excrete after 20 to 30 minutes having their meals. The signs of excretion are groaning, crying, standing or looking at the door. It is a good idea to leave your dog outside after eating to have its toilet. When it is habituated, it will be really helpful for you to keep your house clean.

Dog Treatment: Following the instructions of a good veterinarian is a wise decision. Choose a reliable vet who has the facilities of 24 hour check-up. Vaccinate your pet dog against various diseases according to the recommendations of your veterinarian and keep your dog protected from diseases.

Try to be conscious about the treatment of different types of worms by regular check-up.Also be aware of heart-worm. You can use flea and tick preventative treatments. Usually the round worming treatment is of two or three times a year. If your dog is at a high risk, the treatment may be monthly.

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the cost for the nourishment of your dearest pet. If you cannot keep pace with your budget and expenses, you can take a health insurance for the dog. It will help you to reduce the pressure of your financial problems.

Ensure a comfortable dog shelter: Dogs need a secure and comfortable shelter. Never keep your dog in an extreme weather such as over hot or excessive cold which does harm to your dog. Moreover it should not be kept in a kennel for a long time in order to excrete. A comfortable and secure shelter keeps your pet always happy.

Your pet needs exercise: Sufficient exercise keeps your dog healthy. It's also an essential to burn excessive calories that causes behavioral problems. Confirm what kind of exercise your dog requires, whether it's fit for just playing games or it needs a proper walk. The exercise suitable for the pet depends on the type of your dog.

Spend plenty of time with your dog: Dogs accept love cordially as human children do. If you care for your dog, it will stay for you forever. Spending a lot of time even as a form of schedule can build a deep love bond with your pet.Playing,walking,giving a shower or training give you the opportunity to spend enough time with your dog.

Always remember with care

  • Do not punish your dog ever. Punishing physically can cause strong mental injury that increase the distance between you and your pet.
  • Brushing your dog regularly helps to get rid of knots and tangles. This reduces over shedding as well.
  • Extra long fur of a dog gets dirty frequently. You can trim the too much long fur by the help of a dog groomer.
  • Bathe your dog with lukewarm water. Do not use excessive shampoo. Using too much shampoo can wash away the useful oils that exist on dog's skin.
  • Introducing different places, peoples and phenomena makes your dog socialized. It helps your dog to be an adult as well. It is essential to register your pet according to your state rules. Give your dog a collar with a tag in order to keep it secure.

If you are a dog lover and want the ownership of a dog, then it is an important responsibility for you. Before taking a dog in your house get your mind set to fulfill all the needs that generally dogs do have. It is essential to ensure a homely environment, adequate food, regular exercise, enough play time, proper health care and a safe shelter for a dog to feel happy and comfortable with you. Once you confirm all these stuff, naturally a sense of love grows and you win its trust.


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