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Why You Need Natural Choice Dog Food

Updated on November 20, 2015

What You Should Look For Natural Choice Dog Food

Whilst working on pet farm I have often been asked what type of homemade food I feed my own dogs. This is a very difficult question to answer about how to find the perfect natural choice dog food. Oftentimes, when searching forums, articles or magazines, you will come up blank when looking for the answer of choosing the good dog food. Why this may be due to the site or blog being sponsored by different dog food brands. If they answered your question with any one type or brand, they may risk upsetting the other sponsors. Another reason may be not wanting the responsibility of recommending pet food which may result in health problems for certain breeds. There are many different forms and brands of dog food that researching the perfect, one-size-fits-all solution may simply be too time consuming for many pet specialists and writers.

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The main reason to choose the homemade dog food, in my humble opinion, is that there are so many different species of dog, and each may have its own dietary requirements. Without knowing each dog personally, I would never be able to recommend a particular healthy food to buy that may suit all. When it comes to your own pet, you can though. This article will show you how you can research and find the best natural choice dog food for your own dog. It may not be a quick and easy answer, but it will be a rewarding one. You will end up with the right choice for you and your best friend, which will lead to healthier and happier home.

A Bit Research – What Are My Dog’s Needs?

Before you begin to find good natural dog food from the vast array of products available to you, do some research. Talk to your vet and other dog owners. Research what is recommended for your particular breed. A Yorkshire Terrier puppy is going to have vastly different needs to an aging Great Dane. Check out food labels for nutrition advice and slowly you will come to understand the needs of your beloved pet.

What Food Suits Your Pet?

This may seem a strange question, but you can narrow down your search by deciding what food you are prepared to give your pet. Do you have the time to prepare freshly cooked meals? Do you want to use only organic dog foods? Would you like to buy dog food online in bulk to save time and money? Or perhaps your pet always refuses to eat dry food.


Reading labels

Checking labels may be a tedious way to spend a shopping trip, but do you really know what ingredients go into making your favorite doggy chow? It may be really tempting to buy a cheap dog food on the shelf – It’s not you eating it after all – but do you realize how much junk may be in your prized pet’s dinner? Even the more expensive ‘premium’ tins may have very little in the way of premium dog food inside the over-priced packaging. When looking for a high source of protein, like chicken or beef, it should be one of the main (first) ingredients on the list. The other ingredients should preferably be fresh produce with a limited amount of preservatives and/or fillers. To keep things simple a healthy diet for dog should contain approximately 40% meat, 50% vegetables and 10% carbohydrates. Always making sure to check the use by dates too.

Would You Feed This to Your Family?

Your dog may be considered part of the family and cared for in a similar way. The pet food industry recognizes this and is bringing out more and more products which include organic ingredients and are fit for human consumption. These new improved organic dog foods bring along a higher quality of product but also a higher price tag to match. After all of your research, you may have found the natural choice dog food, which ticks all the boxes, the only problem being its price. The main questions you now have to ask your self are --

1. Would I feed my family a meal with a similar quality of ingredients? (Not the actual product) and

2. Does the price fall within my budget?

Your favorite pet deserves to have quality ingredients to keep it healthy and fit, you do not have to break your bank in order for this to happen though. Look for value for money rather than the fanciest, or most fashionable.

Simply by changing your dog’s diet to something more suited to its breed, size and age, it is possible to get a further eight years of life out of your beloved pet. Surely this in itself is a good enough reason to stop feeding him the cheap cans of commercial dog food, without checking the nutritional value first. You may be surprised at what they actually put into some of those cans, just to fill the can up. Your dog is a part of your family and your life and so choosing the right dog food must get priority. If you were to feed yourself an inferior quality of food on a day to day basis, you would not expect to have a very high quality of life or fitness. Why then would you put your dog through this? It is just as vitally important to learn about the natural choice dog food when you set the same standards of nutrition for your dog too.

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have a cat at home. In the past, I used to have a dog, he eats rice, pork, chicken, and eggs. Never had dog biscuits