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How to Choose the Perfect Pet Dog Using Mind Mapping

Updated on June 23, 2010

Having a pet can add a lot to one’s life -- pets offer their owners companionship and unconditional love, and are even seen by many as a part of the family

Choosing the perfect pet is the first step to creating this special bond that many owners feel with their pets, and doing so usually starts by knowing what one is looking for in a pet. For instance, is one looking for a dog or a cat? Does one want a large pet that requires a lot of time outdoors, or a small pet that spends most of its time inside? Mind Mapping is a great tool for answering these questions in order to determine what one is looking for in a pet, due to its highly intuitive and visual format of spatial diagramming. With Mind Maps, those looking to find their perfect pet can literally “map out” what they are looking for in such in one document, using colors, pictures, or other graphics as desired. Organizing information in this manner has been shown to allow the brain to process and recall the information more naturally, as well as allow one to work with the information more efficiently. Thus, Mind Mapping offers those who want to find a four-legged companion to enhance their lives a creative and effect means for doing just that.

Picking Out the Perfect Pet Using Mind Mapping

Esther has been feeling a bit lonely since her last son left for college 6 months ago.  Hoping to find a companion to keep her company around the house, she decides it would be a good idea for her to get a dog.  She is not sure what type of dog she wants, so she decides to use Mind Mapping to help her make her choice.  She begins constructing the Mind Map that she will use to think through her options for a dog by first, representing the purpose of the map, finding a pet dog, in its center.  She then adds branches to the map, on which she lists what she feels she would like in a dog.  On child branches attached to each branch, she next lists the different types of dogs that she knows fit each criterion she has listed. Throughout her Mind Map, Esther uses colors, pictures, and other graphics to make her map more creative and the type of dog she is looking for easier to conceptualize. When she has completed her map, it looks similar to the attached Mind Map diagram.

You can also view this mind map at :
You can also view this mind map at :

A Wonderful Pet Companion, Thanks to Mind Mapping

Esther is enjoying her new role as pet owner, and is delighted with the companionship and love that her new dog offers.  Though unsure at first of which type of dog to choose, she was able to settle on the perfect breed, thanks to her Mind Map.  The Mind Map allowed Esther to first, think out what she was looking for in a dog, and then “map out” the different breeds that fit what she was looking for in one, highly visual document, making her choice much easier.  As a result, she found the perfect four-legged friend to keep her company, and hardly notices that her sons are no longer around.  Esther puts her new friend on his leash, and gets ready to take him to the dog park, happy that he is in her life to make her days a little less lonely.


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