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How to Convince Your Parents You Should Have a Pet

Updated on October 25, 2012

There are a lot of children and teenagers that yearns to have pets, but most often the parents are not favor of having one. The parents would say that they can be source of allergy or illness, they can be expensive, maintenance can pose some problems afterwards and/or there is no enough space at home to accommodate a pet. The parents’ word of discouragements doesn’t end there though, as they will further say that having a pet can be messy and unhygienic especially when they defecate. These are some of the reasons why your parents will not buy the idea of having a pet at home.

But if you are determined as ever of having a pet and would like to experience having one, then you need to make rebuttals and lengthy and substantial explanations to win the heart of your parents and eventually grant your wish at the end. If your parents look at the hole of the donut then you need to state to them in a gentle manner about the privileges and benefits of having a pet.

Here are some tips and pointers on how to convince your parents that you should have a pet:

  • Tell your parents that myriads and myriads of people around world have pets and even treat them as part of the family. It is normal to have one and it is fun if you do so. Pets can bring delight to the family. They are aesthetic, meek, gentle, adorable and cute and they can make your heart warm and even lift your spirits.
  • Tell your parent’s the qualities that you will get from tending to a pet. The pets will teach you how to be responsible, nature loving and caring, characteristics that can be very useful later in life.
  • Tell your parents about the priceless things that your pet may bring to you like love, friendship, happiness, dedication and commitment.
  • Pet animals can double your joy if they can make simple tricks and your joy would even be tripled when they are trained to learn more difficult tricks.
  • With regards to hygiene and excrement, a pet can be trained not to pee and excrete feces inside your home.
  • Tell your parents to let you have a pet as a reward for garnering honors or achievements in school.
  • Help in household chores all the time without being asked to show that you are ready to become a responsible pet owner (warning: this might make your parents faint in disbelief, wahehehe).
  • Show them how nice it is to have some pets. Buy or borrow a VCD about some inspirational pet stories and watch them at home. Movies like “Hachiko a Dog's Story,” “Bethooven Movie,”and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey,” are touching stories about dogs that can melt the heart of your parents. One or more stories shown at your home might soften up your parents and finally allow you to have a pet in no time.

  • If all approach mentioned above are ineffective and if you are in elementary, then you have no choice but to employ the persuasion of crying, hehehe, this is a forceful approach in convincing your parents to buy a pet for you, wahehehe…

I hope this would help in a way. Thanks a lot for the visit.

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