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How to Get Your Hamster to Try New Foods

Updated on June 8, 2013
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A Adult Syrian Hamster Enjoying Its Meal In This Photo. Notice How It Has Packed Its Jaw Pouches.
A Adult Syrian Hamster Enjoying Its Meal In This Photo. Notice How It Has Packed Its Jaw Pouches.
A Adult Syrian Hamster Enjoying Its Meal In This Photo. Notice How It Has Packed Its Jaw Pouches.

How to Get Your Hamster to Try New Foods

Here were going to learn, How To Get Your Hamster To Try New Foods. In case you don't know the best way to make sure your hamster has the best diet possible is to purchase a high quality hamster food with as few of fillers as possible and no added preservatives or similar ingredients. Below you'll find a great selection of hamster foods to choose from. Now while all of these are great hamster foods your going to need to learn everything you can about the diets of hamsters and your going to need to offer your hamster a selection of foods for it to choose from. If you do then you can get your hamster to try new foods. And for your hamster to have a healthy diet that will provide all its nutritional needs your going to need to get your hamster to try new foods.

Pay careful attention to the below video for a list of foods that hamsters can eat. You'll find that a hamsters diet can be widely varied and the more choices you give a hamster the healthier and happier it will be.

Foods Not To Feed Your Hamster

1. Citrus Fruits

2. Chocolate

3. Milk or Dairy Products

4. Apple Seeds

5. Caffeine

6. Candy

7. Alcoholic Products

8. Coffee

9. Onions

10. Beans or Dry Beans Of Any Type

Hamsters need much the same vitamins and nutrients as a human. Some people give them milk and other dairy products but I do not. I know that adult hamsters are lactose intolerant. So I stay away from dairy products.

Hamsters in the wild know exactly what to eat but when you have them in a cage and offer them various foods that they would never see in the wild. Be sure that you know what to feed your hamster and what you should not feed your hamster. You should be sure to never feed your hamster any of the foods on the list above.

One of the favorite foods of my hamsters has always been a mixture of seeds and grains and a mixture of seeds and grains is exactly what it sounds like. A mixture of seeds and grains. You can buy a really good quality hamster food and this is what it will contain. But be sure to read the labels so you know what it contains.

Some hamsters absolutely love fresh sliced strawberries while other hamsters just won't try them. Some hamsters love fresh picked and well washed dandelion greens. You should wash any fruit or vegetable you give your hamster under cold running water. I have also had great success with offering a few blackberries that I've washed under cold running water. You should be sure to wash any thing you offer to your hamster. This means that you wash it off well under cold running water.

Take it easy on the fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens or you could give your hamster diarrhea. You should consider these items as treats and you shouldn't offer them to your hamster any more often than every three to four days.

If your hamster appears to get constipated you can put a few drops of fish oil on a little bread or grain and give it to the hamster. Its problem with constipation should clear right up.

Give your hamster either timothy hay or alfalfa or a mixture of the two and they will love you for it. In the wild hamsters are grass eaters. However not all hamsters will eat hay or alfalfa so don't be disappointed if your hamster won't eat it. It may instead add it to its bed.

Your hamster needs protein just like you and its perfectly alright to give them a couple of meal worms or a cricket or two once a month or so. I bet your hamster will love this treat.

You want to be sure that your hamster always has wooden chew sticks and a mineral block in its cage. You should know that your hamsters incisor teeth will continue to grow throughout its life and you must provide your hamster with items to chew on to keep their incisor teeth worn down. If you don't eventually your hamster will have a real problem with its incisor teeth.

Your hamsters diet is very important and you need to continue to do research to make sure you are offering your hamster a wide and varied diet and this diet should include new foods for the hamster to try as often as possible. You need to keep looking for ways to get your hamster to try new foods. You wouldn't want to eat grilled cheese all the time and your hamster doesn't want to eat dry pellet food all the time. It needs to be offered new food on a regular basis to keep its life interesting.

Hide Your Hamsters Food In Its Cage

You should hide your hamsters treats in its cage and let it find the food to encourage it to try new foods. I often remove the hamster to a box for a few minutes while I hide its treats in its cage. I've done this often enough that when the hamster is put back into its cage it starts looking for what I've hid in its cage and when it finds a hidden treat it seems real happy so I think this is a real good ideal. In the wild the hamsters go out after sun down to hunt for food.

In This Video You Will Find Out About Foods That Hamsters Can Eat.

How To Get Your Hamster To Try New Foods

You can try acorns, apples, bananas, carrots, peeled cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, small bits of cabbage, spinach, turnips, and kale. Give your hamster only small pieces of these items. If you give the hamster too much its going to pack the food in its jaws and try to hide the food away in its cage. Hamsters are hoarders. My hamsters just simply love small bits of frozen strawberries. It's a treat that I've used for years.

Don't just keep putting more food into your hamsters food bowl or dish just because its empty. Your hamster may be taking the food and hiding it somewhere else in its cage to eat later. They will hide it in their bed area and some will dig holes in their bedding and hide food. Its up to you to find the hidden food and get rid of it. You don't want your hamster eating old food or food that has spoiled or molded. Keep a close eye on the hamster all the time so you know what the hamster is up to with its food.

Treat your hamster like you would your child. Don't overfeed it and don't give it to many treats. You should avoid sugar filled treats as you could easily give your hamster diabetes.

You should never raise your voice around your hamster and you should spend plenty of time with your hamster so it will get used to you. If you don't have a lot of time to spend with your hamster put it in a hamster ball and put it in the room with you. The hamster will enjoy being with you.

Keep A Journal About Your Hamster

You should keep a journal about your hamster so you can look back at the journal and see any trends developing about your hamster. I like to go back about every two to three months and read the journal to see what I can learn about my hamster.

Do Your Own Research About Your Hamster And Its Food

You should always continue to do research about your hamster and the food it is eating. I continue to do research so I can find new foods I can offer my hamster. I only recently started offering my hamsters a few meal worms and a cricket now and then. Some of the hamsters I have love the meal worms and crickets and some won't touch them. It really does make me wonder why.

Think Food Safety When Giving Your Hamster Fruits And Vegetables

I always peel cucumbers before I feed small pieces to my hamster. If any fruit or vegetable can be peeled I do so. With apples you need to peel the apples and you need to make sure you do not give your hamster apple seeds as the apple seeds can be toxic to the hamster. And give your hamster only a very small portion of any fruit or vegetable. A hamster is a very small animal and it can only eat so much. You should always wash any fruit or vegetable thoroughly under cold running water before you give it to your hamster.

Seeds , Nuts , And Dried Fruit

Its perfectly okay to give your hamster very small pieces of dried apples or bananas. Don't give too much though or you can make your hamster constipated. Don't give your hamster nuts that have been salted or had sugar added to them. You only want to give your hamster natural nuts. I grow sunflowers every year and I offer a few to my hamsters every few days and I can tell you that hamsters love sunflower seeds almost more than anything else on earth. You do want to limit it to about 20 - 25 sunflower seeds a week though because the sunflower seeds if given in to large of amounts can produce fat hamsters. If a hamster stays fat for to long it can develop diabetes and other health problems. So yes give your hamster sunflower seeds but don't overdo it. Be sure that any food you give to your hamster are as natural as possible with no additives or preservatives. This is where its always important to read the labels.

You want to keep your hamster healthy. Be sure that it has one of the new solid running wheels in its cage. You don't want to use the old wire exercise wheels because they can be quite noisy and the hamsters can easily get hurt on the old wire wheels.

Water Is Very Important For Your Hamsters

Fresh chlorine free water is very important for your hamster. You want to give your hamster bottled water and not tap water. The tap water in most cities has a high amount of chlorine and other chemicals in it and you should not give it to your hamster.

Use one of the gravity water bottles that allows your hamster to drink what water it wants and the bottle and the way it is made helps to keep the water clean. Make sure that your hamsters water bottle stays full all the time. I don't give my hamsters any other liquid but water. But remember that its very important that your hamster has access to good clean water all the time.

Warnings About Candy

Don't ever give your hamster any type of candy including chocolate. The sugar in the candy is not good for the hamster and chocolate can be toxic to a hamster. Candy can also get stuck inside their jaw pouches and they can not get it out. So please don't give candy to your hamster.

How To Get Your Hamster To Try New Foods

It's perfectly okay to offer your hamster any new food as long as it is not one of the foods you shouldn't give to your hamster. I've had friends who gave their hamsters a small amount of boiled chicken about once a month or so. Your hamster needs proteins, vitamins, and anti oxidants just like you.

When To Play With Your Hamster

You should let your hamster wake up naturally before you try to touch it and play with it. If your going to pick up your hamster scoop it up all at once. Be sure that your hamster sees you before you scoop it up. Don't be hesitant when picking up your hamster.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page On How To Get Your Hamster To Try New Foods

I appreciate you taking the time to read this Hub Page and I hope it gives you some ideals on getting your hamster to try new foods. Thanks For Reading. Please feel free to post your comments, tips, or suggestions below.

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Another Happy Hamster Enjoying Its Meal In This Photo.
Another Happy Hamster Enjoying Its Meal In This Photo.

Post Your Comments, Tips, Or Suggestions About How To Get Your Hamster To Try New Foods. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for your comment. Yes hamsters do like a varied diet. They are much happier with a varied diet.

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 

      6 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Well, that' just very interesting! It would never occur to me that a hamster would not want to try a new food! I always thought they just ate whatever edible sort of thing they encountered! ;D

      Voted up and interesting!


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