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How to Groom Your Cat (Properly)

Updated on May 31, 2015

Ugly Cat

I was walking around the city doing errands with Peanut, my cat, about a week ago. I just bathed him 2 days ago and he's quite fury here and there but I don't mind. Everything was going well! I don't really mind having him around like that while I'm doing my stuff. So, I was waiting for my laundry when this lady walked in with her cat. And it was the prettiest cat I've ever seen! He (or she, I don't really know) was purr-fect! It was like it came out of a cat magazine where they feature all these pretty cats. I didn't know those cats would actually exist! I mean they're too purr-fect! I mean, seriously? So then I look at my Peanut and I thought to myself, "Man, Peanut, you are one ugly cat!"


Cat Grooming is Important

With that happening, I realized one thing: Cat grooming is indeed important. We might say our cats don't care but they need to be prim and proper too. Well, I read that cats self-clean and I bathe my cats when she gets really dirty. Yes, but bathing is not enough my friend. You need learn how to properly groom your cat in order to mold him/her into an awesome and stunning cat you'll love even more!

One of the most important ways to groom you cat is by brushing. This will keep your feline's hair in good condition for it will remove dirt, prevent tangles, keep the skin clean and irritant-free and spread natural oils all over her coat. So how do we brush our cats fur properly?

Make Brushing Your Cat's Friend

Get your cat accustomed to brushing. Start brushing your cat's fur even when it is still a kitten. This way you cat can accept it all through adulthood.

Start off by scheduling grooming or brushing session when your cat is relaxed. This could be after exercise or eating. It's recommended to play with cat toys beforehand too. A cat toy wand would be good for the exercise. (Check out my cat's favorite feather cat toy.)

Keep first grooming sessions short, say 5 to 10 minutes. Then steadily lengthen the amount of time until your cat gets used to the drill. Also, get your cat accustomed to being taken care of by petting every single part of it especially the difficult or sensitive areas such as the ears, belly, back and feet.

Don't groom your cat when you are not in the mood or in a bad temper or state. Remember, grooming sessions should be fun for both of you. Cats can feel your energy and if they feel your bad aura while grooming then it'll be a disaster for both of you. So grooming your cats with good and positive vibes.

Brushing Tips

First of all, always and always brush in the same direction of its hair. Brushing on the opposite direction, which is against its grain, will cause your feline discomfort and will encourage your cat to leave and hate brushing.

Second, brush the entire body. Yes, I know, this is a difficult task especially the areas under the back legs and behind the arms. Thus, you need the purr-fect timing. When your cat's asleep on their back or in other strategic positions, take the opportunity to brush those areas.

Third, if your cat dislikes brushing beforehand, brush the fur in a section per brushing session. So decided beforehand on which sections to brush per day. This could be really long and tedious but this is be easier for you and your cat and results will basically be the same.

Fourth, try out various kinds of brushes and combs. Approach your cat with a soft brush to start with. A soft brush won't be the most effective one but will is a good starter for you to gain your cat's trust. Once your cat has gained your confidence then that will be the time that you level up to a more effective comb or brush. There are some cases when your cat will not accept the brush at all. Start off with a clean oven glove instead. If she gets used to the stroking motion proceed to a grooming mitt until you jump to the actual brush or comb.
Don't rush your cat.

Fifth, scatter brushes or combs around the places where your cat likes to nap or relax. This way if you trying to grab an opportunity to brush your cat you won't have to go search for your tools and miss the chance.

Sixth, if your cat runs away even before the brushing session starts (or even the moment when it sees you with the tool) try having brushing session on the small table. This way it will be difficult for your feline friend to escape.

Seventh, if your cat has short hair, only brush once a week. Use a metal comb to work your way from the head to the tail. Then, use a bristle or rubber brush to remove dead and loose hair. Be gentle with the belly and chest area.

Eighth, if your cat has long hair, brush every day. First, brush her belly and legs and untangle any knots. Then with a bristle or rubber brush, brush fur in an upward motion. To brush the tail part it in the middle to make two sections and brush out to either side.

Ninth, when your cat has had enough, it has had enough. Don't force your cat. This will only make it hate the brush and the brushing sessions . Again, brushing a section per brushing session is definitely fine.

Tenth, reward you cat after every brushing session. This way your cat will remember brushing sessions as happy and good times. However, do not reward cats for aggressive behavior.

Eleventh, don't groom around other pets. Cats feel exposed when they are on their back. Keep your other pets away, if you have some.

More Brushing Tips in a Video

Cat Grooming is Rewarding

Later that day I decided to buy my own brushing tools and start grooming my Peanut. I tell you it is definitely not an fluttering start but Peanut is starting to accept my everyday brushing sessions and is totally looking cleaner right now. I can't wait to bring him on my next errand run. The brush I bought was totally good too so I guess it shed out weight for me.

Cat grooming is definitely not an easy thing to do. Some owners really have to have cat brushing help and and cat brushing tips to get them by. It can be a tedious process especially if your cat doesn't accept first but it is very rewarding once you see your cat in progress and in all its shining glory. Just be patient with your cat. Take your time and take baby steps to make brushing sessions happy moments for both of you.


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