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How to Groom Your Cat

Updated on March 21, 2013

How to Groom a Cat Pictures


Cat Grooming Basics

Nearly all cat owners constantly hire cat groomers to groom their cats, while they could easily learn how to groom their cats at home. When you learn to groom your cat at home, it not only saves you the money spent in cat grooming services but helps you keep your cat free of fleas and other cat skin parasites. Before you begin learning cat grooming skills; there are a number of things you should know about preparing cats for grooming.

You will also require some essential cat grooming tools. Some important considerations may include the breed of cat that you want to groom, since different cats breeds have different kinds of hair and require different cat grooming skills. Cat breeds with short hair that is not curly may be relatively easier to groom than those with long curly hair.Another consideration when you are grooming your cat; is the temperament of your cat. The cat may require you to sedate if the cat is not easy to handle during grooming. This hub will highlight some basic facts that should help you get started with learning to groom your cat.

Why you don’t need a Professional Cat Groomer

Professional cat groomers are people with skills that you can learn on grooming your cat. Most professional cat groomers offer you a highly specialized service of grooming your cat. This could be on daily or weekly basis. The budget of professional cat grooming services may vary from a small budget to a high budget depending on the amount of work require to groom your cat or the profession who is grooming your cat.

If you can learn to groom your cat you may not require Cat grooming services. Cat grooming services are one of the costs that cat owners have to insure from time to time. You may however not require the services of a cat groomer if your cat can be groomed easily, you can buy the cat grooming tools and you are ready to get started grooming your own cat. It’s easy, fun and grows the bond between you and your pet.

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How to Groom your Cat

Regularly you may watch cats trying to self groom since they are very aware of themselves as pertain to grooming. Professional cat groomers may offer to groom your cat in a number of ways. This may include bathing your cat, brushing your cat, trimming your cat’s claws amongst other services like cleaning cat’s eyes.

All these are activities that constitute the general procedure of grooming a cat. When you are grooming your cat, you should begin with the most obvious and easy daily procedure of grooming your cat. The easiest way to get started with cat grooming is acquiring a brush for cat grooming.

Acquire Cat Grooming Tools

If you want to start grooming your cat at home; it might be necessary you get the tools that are used for cat grooming. To just mention a few, you may require several cat grooming combs, a pair of scissors to cut long hairs, some water, cat grooming shampoo, a towel and nail clipper. These are tools that you can get from you local pet shop or you can obtain them from online stores at discounted prices.

How to Groom a Cat : Video

Learn to Restrain your Cat

Some cat may not be easy to groom without restraining them with sedation. It is necessary that you learn how to use the sedative to calm your cat while you are grooming. Some cats do not require sedation when they are being groomed especially by the owner.

Brushing and combing your Cat’s Hair

With the cat grooming brush and comb you should do this regularly; you should brush the hair especially if your cat has a long hair. The brushing should aid in removal of the matted hair and straightening the curly hair for the breeds that have long curly hair.

Depending on the breed of cat, some breeds may require you to brush the fur on daily basis, bi weekly or once a week. The comb for brushing a long haired cat should be at least 4-5 inches to help with removing the tough hair strands that may be matted in some cases.

Cleaning your Cat’s Eyes

Sometimes the hair around the eyes may be matted with tears and discharges from the eyes. You should use a soft towel that is moist to clean these eyes ensuring there are no tear marks left. Cleaning the eyes is an important part of cat grooming to avert developed of eye infections that might be caused by flies laying eggs on the matted hair beneath the eyes.

When you have cleaned the eyes, you may want to also give your cat a bath. Bathing your cat is the ultimate way to give your cat the ultimate cat grooming experience.

Bathing your Cat

Cats unlike dogs may be very uncomfortable with water, your cat should spend the least time in water and you should use cat shampoos that help get rid of cat fleas. Use some warm water and squeeze the shampoo on the cat’s skin, spread it with the moist soft cloth and ensure your cat is comfortable while doing this.

Rinse your cat with enough water to get rid of the shampoo and start drying your cat with a dry towel. You can also use a hair dryer to blow and dry off the moisture on the cat’s hair


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