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How to Keep Cats and Birds in the Same Household

Updated on September 5, 2009
A pet's instincts must be considered.
A pet's instincts must be considered.
A cage is the safest place for a bird with a cat for a roommate.
A cage is the safest place for a bird with a cat for a roommate.

Diana was an attractive green, peach cheeked, lovebird. The little girl who loved her was saying her prayers on the night Diana came from the pet store. With simple childlike faith, the little girl, also a cat owner, prayed, “ Lord, please take away Kitty’s taste for birds.” The child’s prayer illustrates a predicament common to those who are both feline and fowl lovers. Is it possible for cats and birds to coexist in the same household?

For those having an affection for both cats and birds it is possible to create an environment in which each safely resides. In order to do so, the pet owner must understand and accept the instincts of each animal. Do not assume that a very small kitten will disregard what comes natural. For research on this fact feel free to view Loony Toons’ Tweety and Sylvester. Sylvester the cat is totally enamored with the possibilities presented by the speech impaired yellow bird.

Implementing the following rules will ensure the simultaneous and safe enjoyment of your pets.

1. To keep order in your menagerie decide on a living space for each pet.

 Attempting to permanently confine a cat is an exercise in futility. Therefore it is common sense that the felines housemate be relegated to a cage. Choose a cage relative to the size of the bird.


2.  A bird who has a cat as a room mate should never have its’ wings clipped.

This is a certain death sentence. Birds with clipped wings are fun for their owners and easy to catch when necessary. But, herein lies the problem. Why make it easier for the cat?

3. Birds perch and kitties climb.

Do not place the bird on a table or bookshelf. These become rudimentary ladders for cats. Make sure your little tweeter is high enough so cat can only observe from a long distance away. Be certain to place the cage away from any objects which the cat can use to climb.

4, Secure the hook from which the cage will be hung.

A loose hook makes the cage and bird vulnerable for a fall. Even in the cage, a bird on the floor is in a precarious position at best.

5. Secure the birds cage door.

Birds are adept at using their beaks. Impossible as it seems some feathered friends possess Houdini like qualities. A bird who sharing residence with a cat, may find his disappearing act to be a permanent one.

6, Should you decide to clip the wings of your bird. (see point 2)

Put the cat in a location where the bird can not be seen, and from a point in which the cat can not escape. Do not remove the bird from its cage until you are assured of the cats placement. Do not release the cat until the bird is safely perched back in its cage.

7. Finally, never ever under any circumstance trust your cat with the bird.

Pet owners deceive themselves when believing a cat will behave in their presence. A cat is driven by instinct. His instinct tells him to eat the bird.

Dual pet ownership is possible with opposing species. It simply requires preparation. The suggestions above will guarantee the safety of your pets, and guilt-free ownership.


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      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Good tips. Thanks.

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      R Burow 8 years ago from Florida, United States

      Thank you create a page for your comment. Thank-you especially for dropping by.

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      Great writing style and valuable information.