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How to Keep Your Cat Off Tables and Counters

Updated on November 23, 2010

The Key to Keeping Cats off the Countertops

One main question I get alot is how to keep cats off the kitchen counter or tables. This is actually easy to do and their are quite a few ways to do this effectively. So I did some research and came up with these many methods to keep cats off of counters and tables.

Their are many reasons to keep them off those one main one being they have ecoli and other bacteria from the litter box and being so close to the ground. I'm not saying cats are dirty but what they bring along is. You prepare food on those surface and you don't want litter box germs. Also how embarrassing is it for fur to be in your food or your guests food. Their are many other reasons to keep them off and here's how to do it.

Using Sticky Paws to Keep Cat off Counters

Their are many effective ways to keep cats off of tables and counters and here's the way that has worked best for friends and I. You use Sticky Paws which is a adhesive safe for cats, it works great because they hate the feeling of it. You place the tape on the front of the counter and right on the top edge.

When cats jump on the counter they usually push off the front of it. With the Sticky Paws being on it, it grasps their paws and throws their balance off and after a couple days of this they usually stop completety.

Water Bottle:A lot of people swear by spraying cats with water. Yes this does work and most of the time it doesn't cats actually get use to it. Or it only corrects the problem temporarily. We are trying to fix this completely once and for all.

Static Pads:  It stores and online they sell things like a static pad that release a slight static feel to the paws.  Mainly people use it for pets getting on furniture but you can use them on the counters and table easily.

Manually Take Them Off:  This works for a little while but do you really want to try and take them off the counter or table every time.  This becomes a pain in the butt.  This method doesn't always work for every cat.  You do have some difficult cats or stubborn cats.

Cats on the Counter

Another thing to consider when cats jump on the counter or table is why are they doing it. Is their food, goodies, sunlight, warmth, dripping water. Alot of cats jump up for food this is easy to fix don't keep open food on the counters or table, also don't feed your cat up on a counter like a lot of people feel they need to do. Feed them in a separate room with the door closed if the other dogs or cats will eat their food.

For the sunlight and warmth block the window with a french door film, they make some they just stick to the window and look really cool and block the cats view but still leave the upper portion of the window open for you to see. For the warnth part take a piece of cardboard and block the sunlight for a couple of days. Then while you do that you can plug in a heated dog bed or heat pad and it will keep luring the cat to it.


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