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How to Litter or Potty train your Rabbit

Updated on December 7, 2010

My litter trained Rabbit at 9 weeks old

Litter Training Made Easy

Learning How To Litter train or Potty Train your rabbit can be challenging or easy depending on each rabbit. The first step of litter training a rabbit is to start off in their cage by using a corner litter pan and using a separate bedding than the one you use for bedding in the cage. So if you use pine in the cage use carefresh in the litter pan that way the rabbit can tell the difference of where they should go. After the rabbit goes to the bathroom usually not in the litter pan scoop some up and set it in the litter pan and leave it, doing this leaves the scent in the litter box so they go again. After about a week of successful litter training, and their will be some hits and misses. I buy a playpen and use two litter pans and put poop and pee from the rabbit in each and let them hop around for about 2 hours and see how they do. I do this for a week or more to see how successful they are. Make sure the playpen is attached to the cage so the rabbit can access the cage. After doing this you can let the rabbit roam the house and just put one litter pan on each floor in case of accidents or a sudden rush. After about a week I remove the litter pans and just leave the cage open and presto you have a litter trained rabbit. Their will be times a hard round ball of poop is left behind but that is normal for a rabbit it's their way of marking. Also female rabbits are easier to litter train than males because of the spraying and marking males do. Sometimes you need to go back to stage one if the rabbit begins to slip but remember their are some weeks they push it just be stay on them. Rabbits do go through almost like a teenage years and won't listen or use the pan so just put them back in the cage.

If your rabbit uses a certain corner instead of their litter pan then put the pan in that corner their are sometimes that you have to work with them and not make them.  I learned that with my rabbit coral.  She used the corner of my enterainment center so i put a litter pan their and she uses it just fine now. 

Just because their not litter trained doesn't mean you can't take them out of the cage and let them hop around.  But just like a pupp you should put them back in the cage to use the litter pan about every 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the rabbits.  Netherland dwarfs about ever 15-20 minutes.  Your flemish giants are usually 30-40 minutes.  I now it seems like overkill but teaching your rabbit the litter pan is probably one of the best decisions you'll make.

Any Suggestions for anyone?

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    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey Kathy sorry for the long wait I was doing some research. Sometimes males can be very difficult to train until you get them fixed. Others just don't like to use it. If their is another location he is going to the bathroom move the litter box their and try it. The 2 year old rabbit should be easy to. They will take some time because it seems they neglected them by forgetting about him. Other rabbits just do it I've gotten lucky with alot of them and they take after their parents.

    • profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago

      Hey i have had a really hard time potty training my mini rex he is a very good rabbit but he just wont potty train he just uses his litter box to sleep in even if i put pee and poop in there from his dropping pan i hae even tryed putting hay and food in there and still no luck but now i have a mini lop and he potty trained within a week could my mini rex's be beacuse of his breed?Or do i just need to try harder?Also can you potty train a older rabbit like 2 years old i adopted a female mini lop that was left in a basement and forgot about i tryed to train her it kinda worked but still no luck with her either any ideas on both rabbits thanks