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Cat Nip Toys: Great Gift Ideas for the Cat Enthusiast!

Updated on June 1, 2016

Oh, kitty kitty...

“Oh kitty kitty…Come here kitty kitty…Mommy/Daddy has a treat for you”. Sound familiar? Ever hear yourself saying that? If so, then read below to find out how to take scraps of fabric, wine corks, feathers, yarn, and more...and turn them into catnip treats for kitty.

There are so many styles you can make for kitty. I just so happen to have a prissy pure bred Persian and he loves the heart and the lady bug cat nip toys; however, he absolutely refuses to touch the circle. So, if you have a prissy cat like mine, then you might just need to use your imagination. The toys are so simple to construct, you can fill kitty's basket with so many variations, it won’t even matter if he/she does not like one or two of them.

Speaking of baskets, you can make extra's to fill a basket for a friend. See below for a great gift basket idea for the kitty enthusiast.


  • Fabric (anything soft works)
  • Templates for shapes
  • Cat Nip
  • Thread (any color thread)
  • Sewing Machine OR needle if freehand sewing
  • Scissors
  • Yarn, twine, etc
  • Pins
  • Marker/Pen


  • Fabric glue (non toxic) in lieu of the sewing machine


These instructions are for making a ladybug toy. You can use them for any design, just alter as you go along (IE: remove the ladybug leg step if you are making a heart, etc.)

  1. Gather Materials
  2. Trace the Ladybug template onto heavy paper/cardboard and cut it out
  3. Put two pieces of material together RIGHT SIDES FACING each other and trace the pattern onto the WRONG side of the material
  4. Pin material together if needed and cut out traced pattern (make sure the RIGHT SIDES of the material are FACING EACH OTHER)
  5. Cut (8) - 2 inch pieces of yarn (these are the legs)
  6. Put the legs on one piece of the material with the RIGHT SIDE facing UP
  7. Put the 2nd piece of material on top of 1st piece that has the legs - making sure the RIGHT SIDE is facing DOWN
  8. Straight stitch a 3/8" seam around the cutout, but double check that the RIGHT SIDES are TOGETHER before you sew (~~double stitch over the legs to reinforce them~~leave about an inch opening in the seam so you can pull the material through~~)
  9. Trim around the body (excess thread and material)
  10. Turn the Ladybug right side out
  11. Tear apart 3 or 4 cotton balls and add a pinch or two of organic dried cat nip to the cotton - stuff the ladybug
  12. Stitch the opening closed
  13. Glue on some circles cut from the remnants of the material (if you want) - this step is purely up to the individual. If you choose to do this step - you will need to follow the instructions on the bottle with regards to drying times - please make sure the glue is dry before you give it to kitty.

So... you might be asking yourself - Why are some of the words in CAPITALS and bold? Well, I did this for you because I do not want you to suffer through what I have - on numerous occasions. It is infuriating to complete a project only to figure out when you turn the material right side out, that you have sewn it together incorrectly! I am sparing you this frustration. Happy Sewing!

Step by Step Visual Instructions


You have created a kitty cat nip toy for your precious little one. Use your imagination and come up with brilliant patterns, colors, and styles to delight kitty for hours. If you have scraps laying around and can afford to give away a few - make some for gifts and please think about the shelters - they can always use a hand!

Gift Idea for Kitty Enthusiasts

Get a basket and fill it with:

  • a few catnip toys you made
  • a can or two of wet cat food
  • some nibble treats
  • a brush/comb
  • a ball or two

and...wrap it all up with a beautiful bow!

Helps and Hints

Recycle what you have:

  • Material can come from old clothing that you are getting rid of – shirts, socks, cotton pants (jeans are not a good choice – they are too thick) ~ old towels, wash cloths, hand towels, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, baby clothes
  • Yarn, Twine, Shoe Strings (use in kitty's cat nip toys - or tie to sticks and play with kitty)
  • Wine Corks (soak them in the jar of cat nip for a few days - then give to kitty)

Kitty doesn't care what their toy was constructed from - they are just so happy that you thought to make them one!

Kitty Toy Safety

  • No beads, buttons, craft eyes, glitter, jingle bells, etc (choking hazard)
  • No wire bread ties - they really can hurt kitty if they bite the sharp end
  • No glues, plants, grasses, etc (could be hazardous and toxic - check the labels)
  • NO NO NO rubber-bands or hair ties!!! and please do not use them in your cat toy craft making - they are harmful to kitty - very harmful!

© 2011 bellartdesigns


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