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How to Make a Tasty Doggy Treat with a Kong

Updated on October 6, 2010

Mischievous Puppy

I used to have a mischievous puppy. If he was bored he would find something to do. Usually something he wasn't supposed to do.

Lazy Dog

 Now that he's a mature young man of three, he tends to lie around the house, so I sometimes give him activities to perk him up. Ever since he was a pup, one thing that he enjoys and keeps him busy is a kong.

Busy Puppy

When he was a busy pup, a friend suggested I get him a kong. The kong is a tough rubber dog toy that's hollow in the center. The friend suggested I pack it full of treats, which he would then have to work to remove.

Unfortunately, that only took him about 5 minutes.


I solved this problems by creating a little kong treatsicle.


I start by assembling treats. I like to get a few different kinds, usually hard and soft Milkbone treats, maybe a smidgen of bologna if we have any in the fridge. I break them up into smaller pieces so they fit in the kong better.

Peanut Butter

I take a small scoop of peanut butter and put it into the smaller of the two holes in the kong, plugging the hole.


 Next I take a cheap jar of beef gravy.  I stand the kong on the peanut butter end in a mug. Then I drop some treats in the kong, then spoon in some gravy, add more treats, add more gravy, layering until I reach the top. 


 Now I take the mug with the kong standing on end in it, and stick it in the freezer until the gravy freezes, at least an hour. 

Frozen gravy is disgusting, you say?  Not to a dog, baby. 


Finally, I throw my dog and the kong treatsicle out in the backyard, where he very happily licks away the icy gravy to release the trapped treats!  He's busy, engaged in a fun activity, and happy.


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    • travelingmum profile image

      travelingmum 4 years ago

      My dog loves it!

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 4 years ago from Sydney

      I'm surprised more people don't know about the Kong and how to fill it. It seems like such a great idea.