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Dog Arthritis - How to Help Dogs with Joint Problems

Updated on February 3, 2017

Dog Arthritis

Canine arthritis is one of the many diseases that are common to man, that dogs get. There are many treatments for canine arthritis, but you can treat this condition naturally, without drugs that can cause harmful side effects?

Osteoarthritis is a condition that is not isolated to older dogs; but can be determined by breed or previous physical trauma to the pet. It is important to research your breed to know if they are prone to these types of diseases.

It is a known fact that, one out of four dogs will suffer from this condition. It is agreed that, there is nothing more heartbreaking to see you dog suffering and in pain; but with proper treatment your dog can live a full, happy and relatively pain free life.

Signs of Canine Arthritis

The signs of canine arthritis are the same as you would see in a human:

  • Difficulty get up when rising from a prone position
  • Difficulty or refusal to walk up stairs
  • Stiffness or limping
  • Walking slower and with more difficulty

It is important to be observant when you have dog. Look for signs of change in diet, mobility, and temperament as these will alert you to any possible medical problems.

What Causes Arthritis in Dogs?

Canine arthritis can occur as a result of:Joint infection

  • Being overweight
  • A joint being dislocated
  • Muscle or tendon, ligament trauma
  • Natural degrading of cartilage due to aging
  • A trauma like falling, hit by a car or repeated abused
  • Typical to a certain bread passed through heredity

Dog Arthritis Tips

Age: As you dog get older, it is important not to ignore any signs of difficult of mobility. It is expected that he will experience some sign of arthritis.

Breed: Before purchasing a dog, find out the strengths and weaknesses of the breed. Often over-breading will cause a canine to be predisposed to certain disease or weakness. If the dog you have is prone to osteoarthritis, you can take early, preventative measures to lessen the signs and symptoms.

Weight: Just like people obesity can put extra stress on our muscles and joints. Try to keep snacks and overfeeding to a minimal, to help keep your doggie's weight in the normal range. If your dog is overweight, increase exercise and gradually decrease their daily intake of food.

Activity: A dog should get at least one hour of exercise a day. Exercise will help increase flexibility, bone density, stimulate blood flow and help keep his weight down.

Canine Arthritis

Natural Treatment for Older Dogs

Natural Treatment that May Help

If your dog is showing symptoms of pain during normal activities, always take them to the vet before treating with natural remedies.

Essential oils: Omega 3 fish oil and flax seed oil work well as an anti-inflammatory and will helps to oil joints and lessen pain. You can mix with food for consumption. Ask your veterinarian for proper dosages for your dogs, weight.

Other supplements: Glucosamine, chrodrintin and MSM, also work to loosen joints and eliminate pain. Usually, you can see the best results after 3 to 6-week treatment. Your veterinarian may carry and Adequan, which is a form of MSM and works more effectively when injected.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture balances the body to helps the body to heal itself. A veterinary acupuncturist can treat your dog naturally, without drugs or uncomfortable side eff

How can I make your Dog Comfortable

There is always things you can do to make sure your beloved pet has a better quality of life. Treat them as you would an elderly loved one.

Things you can do to improve the comfort level of your dog:

  • Wash and groom areas which may be difficult for your pet to reach by himself.
  • Encourage the dog to stay active with low-impact play, such as swimming, or walking.
  • If your dog sleeps on your bed, buy or make steps to easily access the bed.
  • You can help your dog to be more comfortable by giving him a soft, cushioned place to sleep. Never let a pet with arthritis sleep on a hard floor or concrete.
  • Just like message helps humans, it is very beneficial to dogs. Do a little research on pet message, and make it a part of their regular regiment.
  • Don't let small children roughhouse or torment the animal. Pets have rights too.


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