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How to Prevent Car Sickness in Your Dog

Updated on March 27, 2013

Aren’t dogs supposed to love travelling by car? We all have this classic image in our mind of a dog looking out of window, ears flapping in the wind, having a great time. But some dogs are quite scared of travelling and this is known as car sickness.

How to prevent car sickness in your dog and make them enjoy the ride? Are there any symptoms or signs of car sickness? The symptoms include

  • Vomiting
  • Drooling excessively
  • Yawning
  • Hesitant to get into the car
  • Getting agitated

Now that we know what the symptoms are let us look at ways, which will help your pet travel in peace.

  • Take your dog for a ride on an empty stomach. Most dogs feel a big queasy on a full stomach.
  • Start taking your dog for a ride from a young age. Older dogs who have not travelled by car feel uneasy. Dogs that travel in cars from a young age are more accustomed to travelling as they grow old.
  • You can start with taking a small drive around your apartment block so that the dog gets used to the concept of travelling by car. Stop at frequent intervals so that a continuous drive does not stress them.
  • Let the dog ride in front with you, it will help in staying calm. Roll down the window so that fresh air gets circulated and prevents car sickness.
  • Just sit in the car with your dog without switching it on. This will enable your dog to get used to the car. You can talk to your dog and try to calm it down before starting the journey.
  • The moment you see any signs of discomfort in your dog, stop the car immediately. Take the dog out of the car, talk to it and resume the journey only after it calms down.
  • You can consult your vet, who could prescribe some medicine to help cure car sickness of your dog. There are some natural remedies that are available which will help ease the anxiety in a gentle manner.

Now with these easy tips you know how to prevent car sickness in your dog. Enjoy the drive with your beloved pet.


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