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How to Rabbit Proof your house or apartment

Updated on July 18, 2010

My Female Rabbit Coral

O boy what did you get yourself into

Just Kidding but rabbit proofing your house will save you money and aggravation I will list all sorts of things that you will have to keep in mind when letting your rabbitt roam the house.  The first thing to do is to litter train your rabbit.  This will lead to your rabbit having free roam of your house or apartment.  


Cords are probably the most chewed and most dangerous thing in your house to your rabbit . Anything corded is fair territory from cable cords, telephone cords, or wires for TV's, PC or anything else plugged in to the wall. These are dangerous because of the risk of electrocution or choking on parts from the wire. Also you losing that cord to your TV or any other electronics is very expensive you can get plastic coating or cable wrap then spray it with a bitter apple just in case.


Protecting your furniture or baseboards is another problem rabbit owners face. With wooden furniture you can get bitter apple or fooey and spray it on the legs or where ever the rabbit is chewing, but make sure to try on a small area first to see if they have any effect on your wood furniture. Same with the base boards of the house.


Protecting your rabbit from plants can be a life or death situation for your rabbit their are many poisonous plants that are in every day homes.  Placing houseplants out of reach on high shelves where it out of reach from your rabbit even if they were to jump on the couch to a shelf they will do it, they are curious little creatures.  It's best just to keep all plants out of reach of the rabbit if for some reason you think they may get to them anyways you can spray bitter apple on the leaves of the plant to deter chewing on them.

Protecting your Walls

If you have wall paper then you are easily next for a destroyed wall.  I have seen rabbits tear wall paper right of the wall which can be a nightmare to see when you enter the room.  Their are many ways to cover up areas where they chew like plastic or plexi-glass that covers the wall paper or take the wall paper down and paint the wall.  Also any corners that stick out should be covered with a plastic protector so if chewing does happen it does no damage and saves you money.

Caution under the Couch

Rabbits love to hide but that can scare anyone half to death and the number one place to hide for a rabbit is under your sofa because it's a nice secluded area away from anyone.  This can pose a danger if you have a recliner or any moving parts in the sofa that could crush or cause injury to your rabbit.  So you can build a wooden frame to place under the couch if you build it out of 2x4's only you and the rabbit will know it's under their. 


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