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How to Recognize Cruelty Against Animals - You CAN Make a Difference!

Updated on February 11, 2010

Animal abuse is a HORRIBLE thing! I cannot even begin to comprehend the thought of hurting a dog, cat or any animal for that matter. In my opinion, people that commit crimes against helpless animals are sick…and in desperate need of psychiatric care. The ASPCA (along with other animal rescue groups) works hard to educate the public about animal abuse and neglect. I hope and pray that one day soon…we will live in a world that is cruelty free and all dogs and cats have safe, warm, forever loving homes!

So what can YOU do to help? First of all, would you be able to recognize the signs of animal cruelty? Though it may sound like an easy thing to do it is more complicated than one might think. Though you may think that an animal's behavior is a clear indicator that they are being abused…think again. Just because a dog is aggressive or timid does not necessarily mean it is being abused or neglected. One must look at the entire picture before a proper conclusion can be made.

Recently, the ASPCA put out a list of signs that may alert you to potential animal cruelty. If you believe that an animal in your neighborhood is being abused, please visit to find out how YOU can file an anonymous report in your area. Remember, the dogs and cats of this world are depending on YOU…so don't be afraid to TAKE ACTION!


Abuse and Neglect - Physical Signs

  • Collar so tight that it has caused a neck wound or has become embedded in the pet's neck
  • Open wounds, signs of multiple healed wounds, or an ongoing illness that is not being treated by a professional
  • Extreme thinness or emaciation – bones may be visible through the skin
  • Untreated skin conditions such as mange or flea infestation – other symptoms of a skin condition include hair loss, scaly skin, bumps and rashes
  • Dog is infested with ticks or other parasites
  • Extremely matted fur that is also incredibly dirty
  • Heavy discharge from ears, eyes and or nose
  • An owner striking or visibly abusing an animal
  • Weakness and or limping – Dog can't stand or walk properly

Abuse and Neglect - Environmental Signs

  • Pets that are left outside in bad weather with no shelter, food or water
  • Animals that are caged together in very small kennels or crates (possible puppy mill) – Kennels are so small that the animals can't turn around or make normal movements
  • Animals that are kept in dangerous environments – such as an area filled with broken glass, garbage and feces
  • Dogs that are chained up in a yard with little to no lead and no access to food and or water

Together, we can put an end to animal abuse and neglect!
Together, we can put an end to animal abuse and neglect!

If you witness an animal being abused it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact animal control (you can remain anonymous if you wish). Animals cannot speak for themselves; therefore, they depend on us to speak for them. We are their voice! Be on the look-out for animal abuse in your neighborhood and ask others to do the same. Together we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and make the world a safer place for our furry friends.

Please visit Bunny Roo Beagle for fun dog facts, dog treat recipes and more!


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      6 years ago

      The fact of animal cuelty is to not let it happen, or, become a vegatarian, but to actualy do something about it. Sure being a veg. can stop YOU from eating meat. Not me or anybody else.


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