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How to Sell Puppies

Updated on October 6, 2014

How to Sell Puppies Pictures


Overview: How to Sell Puppies

When working recently on a locum in a local veterinary clinic, I was approached by a client who wanted to know where he would sell puppies since his dog was due to deliver in a week’s time.

I have considered doing some research and writing on how to sell puppies for would be breeders or dog owners who don’t opt to neuter their dogs. If you are new to dog breeding and looking for ideas on how to sell your puppies you may find this hub useful.

Many dog owners who are not into dog breeding business may consider spaying their dogs or allowing the dog to just reproduce and the sell the puppies or give to friends and relative.

There are several reasons why dog owners should consider neutering their pets. If you don’t want to neuter your dog controlling the breeding can be a serious issue.

Local Kennel Club

In most kennels clubs you will find a notice board that you can put up a puppy for sale notice. Although there are different rules for different Kennel club’s if you are a member of such a club you should not have a problem putting up such a notice.

If you are not a member you should consider talking to someone else who is a member and they could extend the favor to you and place the notice on your behalf. Consider all kennel club’s deal with dogs you are more likely to get someone.

Puppies for Sale
Puppies for Sale

Consider attending Dogs Shows

Dog shows or other events organized locally can be an ideal place to make good business contacts and sell your puppies.

Enrolling for dog show events can be an ideal thing if you are new to the dog breeding business.


Local Advertisement on Poles and Public Notices

Although this may depend on your local council or neighborhood, you can get potential puppies buyers from your local community.

If where you live it’s allowed you can design a good ad and place it on the public notices or even go further to poles I strategic places.


Consider Relatives and Friends

If you want to make a strong dog breeding business, you cannot afford to ignore the power of referral business.

You should inform your relatives and friends about the puppies for sale. Even if they don’t buy the puppies, they may refer a potential buyer to you.


Consider Free Classified Websites

If you want to make quick sale of your puppies, you cannot ignore the free advertisement platforms that are provided by internet. You may consider listing your puppies for sale in the following sites that offer free classified advertisement.

Top 10 Free Ads Posting Sites

  • Craigslist
  • Quikr
  • Gumtree
  • ClickIndia
  • Olx
  • eBayclassifieds
  • Adsglobe
  • Oodle
  • Sell
  • Classifiedads

A detailed list can be found here

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Dog Forums Online

You should join the dog forums online and list your puppies for sale on the part of the forums for buy and sell.

Most forums have such a place where members are allowed to sell or buy things freely or by a small charge that is less than $100.

Social Media: Facebook

Facebook is a good place to advertise and sell your puppies. You should take good photos of these puppies and post them in relevant places in social media with your contact details.

Local Newspaper Advertisements

If you are in a serious dog breeding business the local newspaper can be a good place to adverts your business.

This will give you a wide coverage and allow more audience to know of your business.


Local Pet Shop

This would probably be the first option but you should never take your dogs to the pet shop.

Just place an ad about your puppies for sale on the local pet shop


Contact other Breeders

If you contact other breeders or people who are in the breeding business they will easily accept to buy your puppies.

They may probably have a list of customers waiting for puppies. They may seize this opportunity to even create future business.

Your Vet

Your Vet may be a Good Lead to a potential customer. Vets and animal health practitioners meet many pet owners everyday.

They have obviously many people they know who would be willing to buy your puppies.

I hope this are the best places or contacts to get leads on where to sell your puppies.


What you should write on a Puppy for Sale Notice

Before you rush to selling your puppies consider knowing what you should write on the puppies for sale notice, here are some important details that you should include:

  • The Age of the Puppies
  • Health of the puppies
  • The breed of the puppies
  • The parent of the puppies
  • Registration of the puppies with respective kennel clubs
  • Location of the place puppies are
  • Your contact information (email or telephone)


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