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How to Start Raising Pheasants

Updated on September 12, 2010

Raising Pheasants

Credit: Ali Taylor, SXC.HU
Credit: Ali Taylor, SXC.HU

The pheasant (pheasant scientific name: Phasianus colchicus) can be found throughout North America and Europe, commonly in open, grassy upland environments. Although pheasants are commonly perceived as wild game birds, you can also raise pheasants at home in your backyard. A backyard pheasant flock can add color, excitement and a touch of the exotic to your poultry farm or urban yard. With the right planning, you can raise pheasants for fun, for ornamental purposes, for breeding or for eggs and meat.

Pheasant Breeds

Pheasant Breed Name
Scientific Name
Blood Pheasant
I. cruentus
Silver Pheasant
L. nycthemera
Crestless Pheasant
L. erythrophthalma
Green Pheasant
P. versicolor
Golden Pheasant
C. pictus
Ring-Necked Pheasant
Phasianus c torquatus

Raising Pheasants: The Basics

When raising pheasants, you need to give them the right amount of space in your pheasant coop. For optimal health, each pheasant should have a minimum of 0.5 square meters per game bird. To make them feel safe, provide them with brush or hiding spots in their pen so the upland game birds can hide.

Feeding pheasants is easy, just like when raising other kinds of poultry like ducks or chickens. Pheasants need a high-protein, high-carbohydrate diet that lets them lay eggs, grow feathers and live with optimum health. Because pheasants eat a diet that's similar to other game birds like turkeys, you can feed your pheasants either a commercially prepared pheasant food or a game bird feed designed for feeding turkeys.

Tips for Raising Pheasants

1. Give your pheasants an outdoor run or pen where they can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and natural feeds like grass, grass seeds and wild insects. Pheasants are natural roamers and will love being given some semblance of freedom. The vegetation and bugs also help supplement whatever poultry diet you're feeding pheasants.

2. Provide lots of ventilation for your pheasant coop. Stale air is bad for your pheasants. Raise them in a coop that has lots of ventilation holes or windows, but make sure the pheasant housing is also appropriately insulated if your farm or backyard is prone to cold temperatures.

3. If you're breeding pheasants, note that pheasant pairs aren't like chickens. A female pheasant will only lay eggs when you're breeding the game birds. The mother pheasant will sit on each clutch of fertile pheasant eggs until they hatch, after which she'll then brood the pheasant chicks until the babies mature.

Raise Pheasants: Poll

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Raising for Raising Pheasants

Everyone has a different purpose for their backyard pheasant flock. This includes:

1. Ornamental. Pheasants have golden-red plumage that catch the sun's rays and lend bright colors to your backyard poultry environment. Some people even use pheasant feathers for art.

2. Hunting. Upland game bird hunters love hunting for pheasants because of their agile nature that makes it an energetic, exhilarating hunting experience. Some people raise pheasants to release them and hunt them for sport.

3. Breeding. Some people breed pheasants for profit.

4. Eggs and meat. Pheasant eggs and meat can be considered a delicious food delicacy.


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