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How to Stop Your Cocker Spaniel Barking‏

Updated on August 31, 2011
cocker spaniel
cocker spaniel
In general, cocker spaniels have an agreeable temperament coupled
with a polite attitude toward strangers and a friendly demeanor for
familiar persons especially within its human family. But the cocker
spaniel can also show unacceptable behavior like excessive barking
at all times of the day and night. Or at least, the incessant
barking appears to be unwarranted under the circumstances.

Don't despair as your ears can enjoy their rest from your pet's
non-stop canine opera with the following steps.

Identify the Causes

Just as in the correction of other unacceptable canine behavior,
your first step is to identify its causes. The root of the
behavioral issue can then be addressed with the appropriate
corrective action, thus, nipping it in the bud.

Dogs bark for any and many reasons including;

- Territorial barking happens when the dog perceives a threat to
its space and possessions
- Alarm barking is related to many scenarios like warning an
intruder, being startled by the sudden noise, and expressing fear
of something
- Attention-seeking barking is often a manifestation of separation
anxiety although it can also signify that the dog is trying to tell
its owner a message such as feelings of frustration
- Barking related to injuries and illnesses such as when the dog is
in pain

You may have to observe the cocker spaniel's behavior when barking.
If possible, you must make notes of the time of day and night when
the dog incessantly barks as well as the circumstances surrounding
the start and end of the behavior.

Implement the Corrective Action

From your visual observation and detailed notes, you will be able
to identify the causes of the unacceptable behavior. Experts on
canine psychology recommend the following corrective actions
according to the possible causes of the unwarranted barking.

- Territorial and alarm barking can be corrected in various ways
depending on the source of the threat. If the perceived threat was
one of the family members taking away the dog's toys, food and
other possessions, you must educate them to respect the pet's
privacy. If the threat is an outside source like the mailman or the
sound of the ice cream truck, you can take the steps to ensure that
these threats will not be seen or heard by the dog, respectively.
Close the blinds or take the dog to another room when the ice cream
truck passes by, if you have to.
- Attention-seeking barking caused by negative feelings like
anxiety from separation or loneliness from being left alone
frequently are relatively easy to correct. Separation anxiety can
be effectively addressed by making your exist as drama-free as
possible. Feelings of loneliness can be lifted by spending more
time with your pet in playtime activities or in exercise sessions.
- Barking from injury and illness must be checked by the
veterinarian. If possible, check for any signs of ill health before
considering the abovementioned causes.

Most important of all the tips controlling unacceptable levels of
barking in your dog is to teach your dog to speak, in a manner of
speaking. The command "Quiet" or "Shush" spoken in an authoritative
voice is often sufficient for the purpose. It will take practice to
make the dog follow the command but the benefits will make you
smile from ear to ear instead of your ears ringing from the
non-stop barking marathons.


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      7 years ago

      "How to Stop Your Cocker Spaniel Barking"

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