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How a Bark Collar Can Stop Your Dog From Barking All Day

Updated on December 1, 2017

Do you have a dog that barks when you are not home? Are your neighbors coming over with nasty notes or ask to worry if your pet is well? If you have a persistent problem barker, use these tips to restore quiet in the home.

Find out what is making your dog bark constantly

Find out what is making your dog barking. Does she have a lot of energy? If so she may be barking because she is alone with no exercise or excitement in her day. Or she may be experiencing separation anxiety because you are gone, or barking at a perceived threat (like the mail man). In the first case, a little creativity (or hiring a dog walker) can keep your dog busy during the day and in the second case, using a citronella dog training collar can help.

How a Citronella Dog Collar Works

It is worth noting that you cannot get results with a cheap bark collar. These often provide corrections that are too weak or too strong, jam up or other malfunction. Instead, you're better off putting the money in the Tri-tronics Bark Limiter G3. Amazon Reviews show that people really love this collar for dogs of all sizes. It also has an odometer that displays the number of times per day that your dog barks so you can measure how effective it is. If it is determined that Tuesday is a day of much more barking than usual, maybe there is something that is happening on Tuesday that you do not know about.

Train your dog with the bark collar

Training Your Dog With the Citronella Collar

Once you have the collar, work with your dog in a training scenario that causes your dog to bark, like hearing a knock on your door. Have your dog reacts as usual - running to the door and barking - citronella collar on. At this time, call your dog and give him a desired alternative behavior (eg, following the command to "Sit"). If she stops barking and sits, praise and reward her with a treat or affection.

Then continue with this new training for 15 minutes at a time. Its purpose is to teach your dog to perform the desired response, rather than barking. If she does, she gets a cookie. Otherwise, the citronella bark training collar provides a correction. Every time she obeys, praise.

Warnings When Using a Citronella Collar

It is important to remember, your dog may be barking or whining from a need to go to the bathroom. So be aware of the needs of your dog and do not punish your pet for communicating her needs. Similarly, do not reward your pet when she whines or barks. This may negatively reinforce bad behavior.

The advantage of using the citronella bark collar is that it is all natural, humane and effective. Your dog will hate the smell of citronella and begin to associate the spray with barking. This can calm her behavior. I have used this type of collar with my dog ​​and I will say - it's pretty effective. When you want fast results in a humane way, look at citronella bark collars.


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    • eltondunn profile image

      Lindsey D. 3 years ago

      Glad you liked. Feel free to share!

    • The Patriot Scoop profile image

      Art 3 years ago from California

      Great Post. I work at pet supply store, and this is a common problem we see. Good Job and excellent knowledge.