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How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Updated on February 19, 2018
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Anne has a BSc Hons in Applied Psychology (inc. animal psychology) and has trained dogs, cats, rabbits and donkeys over the past 40 years.

A big dog jumping up to lick your face can be frightening
A big dog jumping up to lick your face can be frightening | Source

The Basics

When your dog jumps on you
AS SOON AS they get down
When your dog jumps on others
Turn your body away
Turn to face them
Say "No" ONCE, firmly
Don't look at your dog
Pet them
Push them down
Don't talk to your dog
Praise them

Is your dog jumping on others?

As dog owners, we love our dogs dearly and enjoy an affectionate cuddle now and again.

However, not all of our friends and family are dog lovers and many people are actually quite nervous around dogs.

It has often been my experience that some dog owners are unaware of just how scary it can be for some people when a dog jumps up on them. It can actually be a terrifying experience.

For children, the elderly or infirm, it can also be quite a dangerous situation as a large dog can easily knock them over and cause them an injury.

Now THIS is a well trained dog!

Pack bonding by licking
Pack bonding by licking | Source

Why is my dog jumping?

Dogs are pack animals and displays of affection are a way of bonding the pack together.

Have you ever noticed how dogs show affection to one another? They will often lick the other dog on the chin or around the mouth.

This is possibly because very young puppies also lick the mouth of the mother to stimulate her to regurgitate food for them.

But it is never a good idea to allow a dog, or any animal, to lick our mouth. Animals and humans do not share similar immune systems and a virus, bacteria or parasite that is harmless to animals can be dangerous to humans.

Dogs also jump on one another when playing and a dog that jumps on a human is often just being playful.

The problem is that someone who doesn't know your dog may be frightened, or they could even be knocked over.

Turn your body away


How to stop your dog jumping

But how do we stop our dog from jumping?

  • Well firstly they need to know that jumping is not acceptable or approved of.
  • So when you dog jumps up on you turn your body away so that they cannot reach your face, and do not look at them.
  • Dogs hate to be ignored above all else and this gives a clear message that you do not approve.
  • Most importantly, as soon as your dog gets down, turn back to face them and give them lots of praise and positive attention.
  • If they attempt to jump up again, and they often will, repeat everything above immediately.
  • In fact you will likely have to repeat this several times before your dog finally gets the message.
  • Do not shout at your dog.
  • Do not slap, hit or kick him.
  • Try not to lose your patience with him.
  • For your dog, ignoring them is a punishment. Once he understands that he will not get your attention by jumping up, he will stop doing it.

Stop your dog from jumping on others

You might be successful in training your dog not to jump on you, but they may continue to jump on other family members or visitors.

  • If they are familiar with dogs and not afraid, then ask them to do as you do and ignore the dog.
  • But if they are too afraid, then you must act: Say “No!” and firmly push the dog down.
  • Don't give them any more attention than that.
  • There's no need to continue with "Bad dog" or anything else.
  • But do praise and pet them as soon all four feet are on the ground.
  • Very soon your dog will get the message.

Training a dog

A well trained and well behaved dog is a joy to be around. This does not mean that you cannot play with them and fun. But it is important for your safety and the safety of others that your dog knows who's boss.

When you're out and about with your dog, be aware that not everyone thinks they are as adorable as you do and ensure that they are not causing anyone else concern or inconvenience.

And remember, a dog jumping on humans is not acceptable or safe behavior.


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