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How to Train Your Dachshund to Sit

Updated on January 6, 2013

Training your dog to sit is a very simple and important step in teaching your dog obedience. Often it is overlooked as insignificant, but if done properly, it will make other tricks such as “stay” and “come” much easier for your dog to learn.

Sitting is a natural and comfortable state which dogs already have a tendency to enter without being commanded. This is why most owners fail or neglect to train their dog this trick. However, if you can command your dog to the sitting position, you will have your dog at your attention and ready for the next set of commands.

The reward system where positive behavior is reinforced with a treat works the best for learning this trick. After a while, your dog will respond to the command once he associates the “sit” or hand gesture with the reward.

Dachshund in the Sitting Position

The Steps

Your dog should be leased to provide you more control over him during the training session.  This will also help you get him in and out of the sitting position.

Step 1: While walking the dog, stop so that he is standing.

Step 2: With a small treat, place the treat in front of his nose but at a distance where he will not lunge to get it.

Step 3: Slowly raise your hand move it backwards so that your dog will raise its head. Firmly say “sit” once.

Step 4:  Continue with the same motion until your dog sits then reward him with the treat.

Step 5:  Say “Okay” to get your dog to the standing position and walk a few feet.

Step 6:  Repeat with step 1 for no more than 5 to 10 minutes until your dog can master the command without a treat by responding to the “sit” or hand gesture.

Why does this work?

Dogs can only move their head so far back and the only way to keep their eye on the treat is to sit down. During training, your dog may lunge or jump up to get the treat. If he does this, enclose the treat in your fist and move the treat closer to his nose.

Below is an example video on how Odie my dog enters the sitting position can wait can come on command.


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  • Michael Jay profile image

    Michael Jay 7 years ago

    Great hub! This is really useful. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing this.