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How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash

Updated on June 2, 2016

Train a Dog to Walk on Leash

Some people think that dogs know how to walk on leash by birth so what’s the need of teaching them this method? But this is not true at all because all the dogs don’t know to walk on leash perfectly and some feel very uncomfortable with leashes. So, for the safety of both of you and your dog he needs to teach the leash walking training. Now, I am going to discuss different types of training on how to train a dog to walk on leash.
Why This Training is important: Imagine, how beautiful it’ll be when you see that your dog is walking nicely and perfectly by your side, turning when you turn and stopping when you stop. This training is very important because you need to be very careful when you will walk with him on the street or somewhere else outside of home. He needs to follow you and your command. Otherwise, any accident can happen anytime and both of you can get hurt. So, to train him to walk on leash is very important.
Training Factors: Before starting you must need a perfect collar, harness or leash for him which will not make him uncomfortable and which will not hurt him. After choosing the leash, you have to start the training sessions. You can train him to walk on leash primarily in your backyard which needs to be a distraction free area. Firstly, select on which side you want to keep him and you will feel comfortable to walk with him. Wearing him the leash start walking slowly with him and after walking few steps give him treats on that side so that he continues to walk for wanting of treats because he will think that if he walks on this side he will get more snacks. Practice the walk on leash method until your dog totally realizes whole process. Then use the let’s go technique. After finishing the potty and other tasks tell him every time ‘let’s go’ so that he can realize in which time he needs to do what thing. Every time when he will go few steps away from you catch his attention and tell him to go with you. After practicing for few days he will learn to walk on nicely by your side. Every day practice these methods for 15-20 minutes and also take him outside after few days of indoor practicing.

Ultimately, all these techniques are proven and if you can apply the methods exactly you are sure to become successful to train your dog to walk on leash. You just need to follow the above tips and tricks and do the tasks accordingly. But you have to remember one thing that nothing will change overnight and none will wave a magic wand by which your dog will learn everything! Whatever is needed you have to do all the things. So, all the progress of your dog totally depends on you. You need to keep calm and quiet and train him properly. I hope that you can easily train him to walk on leash very soon.


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  • Israt Zahan profile image

    Israt Zahan 19 months ago

    Amazing trick and technique... really lovely post. But my dog didn't walk on leash ever. Have any toy or other thing without leash to convene him?