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How to Walk-Train a Dog

Updated on February 25, 2013

Dog walking dog


Keep your dogs close to you


Or go crazy trying

In my lifetime I have had a good number of dogs. Some of them were what I call yard dogs. These are the dogs which have the free reign of a fenced in back yard. Some of the other dogs I've owned however are house dogs. These are the dogs which need to be walked on a daily basis in order to get their exercise so over the years I've learned how to walk a dog.

The first thing you need to know when you learn how to walk a dog is to get a good collar and leash. Using an improperly fitting collar means you will be standing there holding a leash with a collar attached as your dog runs four blocks ahead of you and gaining ground. I t might also be a good idea to invest in a good pair of running shoes so you can chase the dog when it gets away.

The next thing I have found you need is a good leash. A good leash to walk a dog on is one that is short in length. A short lease allows you to keep the dog close to your side. If you get a leash which is to long the dog will end up dragging you down the street as it runs after everything that crosses the dogs path.

Once you have a good collar and leash it is time to set out on the first walk. As you're walking never let the dog feel like they are taking charge of the walk. This will only create many frustrating moments where the dog has the leash stretched out to full length and the dog almost choking itself as it tries to investigate everything.. Remember you're walking the dog, the dog is not supposed to walk you.

There were many times when I was out walking my dog, trying to keep the dog by my side I ran across some of what I'll call dog walking hazards. These walking hazards can be anything from every fire hydrant the dog has to sniff to another dog walking the same path as you, to a rabbit running across your path. Whenever any of these walking hazards comes up gently remind your dog who is in charge by tugging on the leash and keep walking.

Another thing to remember when walking your dog is to make sure you take a route that is easy for both you and your dog to navigate. Do not try to walk the dog up a forty five degree incline which runs about half a mile believe me it doesn't work out well for you or your dog. The best bet is try to find a nice flat area like a park or a walking trail where you and your dog can walk in leisure. Also take into mind if a route is to long for you then chances are it may also be to long for your dog depending on the breed of your dog.

The final thing I've learned about how to walk a dog is like everything else in life it takes time and patience, but if your faithful and stick to your training the experience becomes all that more enjoyable.

Now get out there and get some exercise while you walk your dog.


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