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How to Winterize Your Pond: Hurry before your Pond Freezes.

Updated on August 31, 2010

Winters Coming and Your Pond will freeze

How to stop your koi pond or pond from freezing and help save your fish.  Well unfortunatly winter is coming and it's getting cold.  Their are some things to consider about your pond if you don't want a huge problem with it freezing over are all of it freezing.  You pond should be 3 ft or more deep I like to go with 4 feet.  What kind of liner do you have and is it safe for it to winter over or should you drain it.  Just think the water expands when it freezes and can crack or destroy liners.  Have your fish been in the pond for long.  Usually if they have been in their for about a month before the cold water and temperature hits you should be fine.

Things to keep in mind when your pond is freezing.

When your pond is freezing up never try to break the ice unless your going to take it out.  Why? When you break the ice it sinks a little and new layer of water covers the ice and then it will refreeze causing thicker ice.  You may think your doing your koi good because you broke the top but it's only taking away swimming space.

Many people say to add a ball to the middle to help it from freezing over but it usually doesn't work and will actually be freezed over.

Should I feed my koi? The answer is no once the pond hit 50 F you should stop feeding because the fish go into a hibernation state.  The food if eaten will end up rotting in their intestines because the metabolism is slowed down almost to a halt. 

Should you keep the fountain going you can but I wouldn't recommend it because it could dam up over freeze and break the pipes which would cause the water to drain from the pond into your yard.  That's not good at all.

You should take the plants out of your pond because 99% of them die in the winter.

Easiest way to stop your pond from freezing.

Their are two ways to keep your koi pond from freezing over.  You should keep a hole in the top of the pond and I highly recommend you don't hit the top of the ice unless it's a emergency because it can kill your koi.

Using a Livestock De-icer is a great idea and they are very affordable I put a link above to the best company for this tool.  The Every K&H deicer is safe in all stock tanks, unlike nearly all of the other livestock de-icers available today. This de-icer can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or in seconds converts to a submersible de-icer. This ingenious clip secures the de-icer to the edge of your pond to help prevent it from coming out.  You should get them now before the famers stock up or the price climbs because of demand. 

Second you can use a Air pump and wrap it in a weather proof box to protect it from the weather and use a line tube with a line air stone with a lot of output because the bubbles usually cause the water not to freeze up.  The method that works the most effectively is the pond heater and it usually only adds $20 to your electric bill every month which is very reasonable.


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