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How to approach a dog

Updated on June 15, 2009

We are a dog loving race. Dogs are seen not only in dog parks but practically everywhere. Small dogs are made to wear cute doggie clothes and carried in pouch bags, dogs are seen accompanying a hunter, a jogger. These animals have evolved into dependable seeing-eye as well as rescue dogs. However, there are instances when these dogs turn into ferocious animals. One of the most common reasons why dogs become threatening is that they are improperly approached.

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Approaching a pet dog

A pet dog would be ecstatic if it being petted and if it is at the receiving end of the family’s attention. The family can always approach the dog without the fear of being bitten. The dog may be very well mannered but it would not do to approach and tease the pet by removing the food or a toy. A sleeping dog that was suddenly approached would be startled and may inadvertently hurt a person. Dogs are protective of their territory. Take care in approaching a dog and her young. A pet dog may also turn vicious if it is sick or hurting because of an injury.

Approaching a strange dog

Off leash or tied strange dogs should never be approached. You need to ask for the permission of the owner. If the owner says it’s OK to pet the dog, you need to approach slowly while letting the dog see you all the time. Don’t hover over the dog. Kneeling in front of the dog would be a good idea but never get your face near the dog’s face. Extend your hand to the dog. The dog may sniff your hand but if it turns away, you need to respect the dog decision not to be friends.

Approaching a nervous dog

There are situations when you need to approach an injured or a traumatized dog. Time is of the essence to save the life of the dog. However, injured dogs must be approached with caution. It would be ideal if the dog comes to you when you call but if not, you need to be at a safe distance. Talk calmly to the dog. Extend your hand and if it is not showing aggression you can move slowly towards the dog.

Approaching a stray dog

Stray dogs should be reported to the authorities. Of course it is a given thing not to approach a stray. But what will you do if the dog approached you? Hard as it may seem, the best thing to do is to act like a tree and allow the dog to sniff you. Don’t stare at the dog and ever attempt to run. You can never outrun a dog. Quietly and slowly back away while keeping the dog in your line of vision. Remain calm.

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