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Get Involved in Animal Rights

Updated on October 30, 2013

Animal Rights Protest in Dublin

Animal Rights Protest
Animal Rights Protest | Source

The Beginning of Activism

To start you should look at your own feelings. If you have very strong feelings about being an animal activist, you probably know about where you want to start already. Many people need to read up on the idea and find out more about it.

Think about your own feelings on the subject. Look up animal rights in different books and on the Internet. It will give you an idea of what is going on in the world.

It is not an easy thing to protest animals rights. Many people will challenge you and argue about it if given the chance. You also need to know what you are talking about. It is useless to argue with some people on the subject as they have already made up their own minds about it.

Decide what type of protesting you would feel more comfortable doing. There are different types of protests. Different people protest in different ways. The important step is to do something about it. Even if you are active in your own way, at least you are doing something to help.

Look at your rights as an activist. See what you are allowed to do. If you go with a peaceful protest you will not get into any trouble. When I went to protest the circus elephants treatment the police were there and polite to everyone in Phoenix.

Some people can see all activists as being asking for trouble. It upsets the balance that they have in mind for life. It is just too much for some people to hear about. If they don't know what is happening or care it is difficult to change them. It is part of your quest to do something to change people's minds. It depends also on the laws of the country that you are in and their views on it. Some people will have open minds about it or want to help.

Animal Experiment Protest

Free Felix Protest, this was I believe at Oxford lab.
Free Felix Protest, this was I believe at Oxford lab. | Source

Laboratory Protest at Oxford

Finding Groups to Protest With

Once you know what you want to protest you can look for a group to protest with. You can also get people together yourself or join others in protest. Make sure you will be allowed to protest when you go out.

I found the group to protest at the circus by looking it up on Meetup on the Internet. The signs that we had were from PETA. It is a good idea to have a sign with a picture so that people looking at you have something to focus on. After I had gone to one protest they had me on their email list. I would then get messages about more protests and also movies or events regarding animal rights.

When you first start out it is probably a good idea to go with a group. You can look on the Internet for the subject you would like to protest on. Look up the animal rights issue that you are interested in. You can also look for updates on PETA's website and on other animal rights sites for protests.

There may be weekly protests or a yearly protest date for different protests. That is for instance, for the carriage horses. There were weekly protests going on for the carriage horses in New York. There was also a yearly protest going on in all cities that day for the carriage horses in different cities all over the United States. UCLA has a yearly protest for the lab animals. Once you know where to look it is easy to find out where to go and protest.

When people are interested in protesting the treatment of animals they naturally come together and just start to protest. That can be done also. People that really want to get things done will get it done. You may be a leader or a follower. You could also be a combination of both. People need to do what they can. Everyone is not as flamboyant as some in the protests.

Celebrities also do what they can to protest. They can use their name to gain attention for the protest. People that are their fans will pay more attention to what is happening then.

World Day for Lab Animals Protest London


Animal Rights

Are you for animal rights?

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Animal Experiments Protest


Types of Protests

Noisy Aggressive Protest

This type of protest is the one I saw in New York City that got the attention of Revlon about their testing. You don't really get Revlon to stop their testing by just standing there. The women had been at the door and yelling at people that were going in. They had pictures that had to do with the animal testing. They had to not be afraid of what people thought of them. When people care about a project they can throw themselves into the idea of protesting.

Student Protest with Videos, Exhibits and Uproar

Students at the University of California in Los Angeles gave their university a protest that was hard for people to forget. The students presented cages with pictures of a monkey being experimented on in the park. Everything was lit up for the protest. The protest continued amid noise and yelling at passersby. People then knew what the protest was about.

Quiet Protest

There was a quiet protest in front of the museum about their experiments. It was quiet but it still got things done. They had information about the experiments going on in the museum. The people that are conducting the experiments do not always want everyone to know about the experiments. People were disgusted with the experiments and they were eventually stopped. Legal help was of course needed also to stop it all.

Petition Signing, Writing Letters, E-mails and Phone Calls

These are some ways that people also can protest at home. The women that wrote into Revlon and other companies telling them that they did not want animal testing being done also did their part in the protest about animal testing. This can a lot of the time be even more important than the other protests. The company may not care that much about some activists in front, but they do not want to lose a lot of their customers. Many protests have to do with just getting the word out about what is happening.

I have added a link above in the first section for links for sample letters as examples of what you can write to show that you care about animals and want something done. It is from Artemis Kitties. The Yahoo Group is also asking people to call on the various issues. Calling does make a great impression on lawmakers.

Kristen Johnston Animal Activist

Kristen Johnston posed nude for the Carriage Horse protest ad for PETA. Everyone can't do that of course.
Kristen Johnston posed nude for the Carriage Horse protest ad for PETA. Everyone can't do that of course. | Source

Animal Rights Protest at the White House


Animal Rights Protest Victories

This is a sample of companies that willingly stopped testing or were forced to by lawsuits.

Revlon - Revlon and other cosmetic companies vowed to stop the use of animals for testing cosmetics. Other methods can be used to test the cosmetics. Companies decide to stop animal testing and using animal products in varying degrees.

Museum of Natural History, New York City - They had been doing animal scientific experiments there. It was made known and they were forced to stop testing on cats and kittens in their experiments. Cats were watched having sex. The cats were blinded and made deaf to do various experiments on them.

University in Pennsylvania - This university was forced to stop the car crash tests on apes after video tapes were shown of the experiments to the authorities. Workers had been laughing at the animals being hurt.

Donna Karan, New York - This clothing company has stopped using fur from the protests against it.

Ringling Bros. Circus - The circus was given a large fine. It was for its treatment of elephants. This was in a lawsuit by the USDA.

I saw the first two protests for these companies. People worked very hard on these protests to achieve their goals.

Ringling Bros. Atlanta Protest Group

Protesting going strong in many cities. There was also a large protest in NYC 2013 on PETA.
Protesting going strong in many cities. There was also a large protest in NYC 2013 on PETA. | Source

Facts about Animal Rights

Many people do not know that a lot of the fur sold in the US on garments is not labelled correctly. It can sometimes be fur from dogs or cats. Fur is brought in to be sold from China. People have been working on the problem to make sure that it is not sold in stores. It was sold just recently in stores on coat collars.

People that sell the animals to the labs are not always that fussy where they get the cats or dogs from. They do pay to get the animals. It is where many peoples lost pets go if they don't look there. Also they are allowed to take them from the animals shelters. They are after all still all cats and dogs that are important.

Famous Animal Rights Activists

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney | Source
Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot | Source
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson | Source

Brown Dog Protest in London 1910

Animal Rights Protest - includes Major Richardson an army dog trainer
Animal Rights Protest - includes Major Richardson an army dog trainer | Source


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