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How to build a wooden rabbit cage

Updated on June 11, 2012

Building a wooden rabbit cage

Welcoming a new pet into the house is always exciting especially if it is as cute and as adorable as a rabbit. However, it also entails some level of responsibility on the part of the owner. After all, they are not only responsible for its daily food consumption but they should also provide a safe refuge for the rabbit.

Creating own rabbit cage
Some rabbit owners allow their pets to roam and run during the day as this is the time when they are the most active but during the night, it is important that they have a place which can hold them securely. There are a lot of rabbit cages available in pet shops nowadays but it is still preferable that one constructs his or her own cage. The main reason is because they can customize the cage according to the pet's size and needs. Furthermore, wooden rabbit cages are the most popular choice for many because they are easier to create, they have that elegant finish and provide a vast space for the rabbit to play.

To succeed in creating a rabbit cage, one must know the basic steps. Here are the materials and steps to undertake to make a wooden rabbit cage.

Materials needed:
plywood, saw, wire mesh cloth, door hinges, hook and eye latch, screws

1. Measure and draw rectangular panels with sizes:Two 48 inches by 20 inches - for long sidesTwo 48 inches by 18 inches - for top and bottomTwo 20 inches by 18 inches - for short sidesOne 12 inches by 12 inches - door

2. Cut a size 46-by 16-inch from one of the 48-by-18-inch rectangles. Attach a mesh wire cloth measuring 47 by 17-inches over it. Drill each side of the mesh. This will serve as the front part of the cage.

3. Cut the two panels measuring 48-by-20 into 10-by-10 square panels. Cover them with a mesh wire cloth measuring 11-by-11-inch. Drill each side of the mesh and the two panels should be at least 18 inches apart from each other.

4. The plywood panel measuring 12-by-12 inches is then attached to the other panels with the use of a door hinge. Install the hook and eye latch in the square door panel. Make sure that the screw is properly installed into the rectangular panel and the eye is onto the cage door.

5. Attach the side and bottom panels with the use of screws. Remember that same sized-side panels should face each other. Lastly, screw the top with the bottom panel utilizing the large door hinges.

Remember the size of the cage highly depends on the size of your rabbit. Keep in mind that the comfort and safety should be prioritized so as to construct an effective wooden rabbit cage.


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