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How to calm a dog

Updated on June 23, 2009

Between a destructive hard to handle dog and a calm well tempered one, the calm dog will naturally win hands down. Who would ever want a destructive dog that will cause the owner to be distressed and frustrated? In worst cases, a stressed destructive dog becomes violent and not only would destroy the owner’s properties but would also pose a threat to other people. A dog that has the propensity to bite other people would be a great financial risk.

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Signs of a stressed Dog

An aroused or stressed dog would either be violent or shy. The shy one would be fearful of other people, would cower and whimper and have the tendency to seek a corner to hide. A violent one would be destructive. The destructive behavior is not limited to gnawing and digging but to biting people as well.

What causes tension and stress in dogs?

Some breeds are highly excitable. These dogs are known to have a low threshold of arousal and the slightest change in the environment or situation will get the dog excited. This highly excitable state is most common in maltreated dogs and in dogs with phobias. A dog adapting to a new environment and one that is suffering from separation anxiety would need to be calmed as well.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways of calming a dog. This is especially true with breeds that have high level of energies. A dog that has no opportunity to expend nervous energy will become restless. A restless dog turns into a destructive one that destroys property. The dog would bark incessantly, howl or whine. This is the dog’s way of attracting the attention of the owner. “Hey dad, if you won’t take me for a walk I will eat your Prada shoes.”

Massage, Herbal remedies and Essential Oils

Did you known that dogs like humans enjoy massages too? The circular movement of the hand on the head and on the body of the dog has a calming effect more especially if a blend of herbal remedies and essential oils are used. A drop of this essence on the drinking water of the dog or spraying the neck and the chest of the dog will give a soothing and calming effect. The formulation acts as a sedative that works and calms the dog the whole day.

Social Interaction

Dogs are social creatures that thrive on interaction with other dogs and with the human family. Devote some time to play with your dog. These are loving creatures that would constantly want to be petted and hugged. Boredom is the most common cause of restlessness in dogs. If setting aside some time to play and interact with the dog is quite impossible, taking the dog to a dog day care center would be a good idea.

Calm Dog

Dog Whisperer: Calm Down!

How to Calm a Dog


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