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How to calm a hyper dog

Updated on March 7, 2010

The hyper active behavior of the dog is often attributed to breed personality. Some people would frown at the unruly and unmanageable behavior while the owner would blame it to the spirited and lively nature of the dog. The fact that the hyperactive behavior can be the result of repressed energies was not considered. Of course there are other reasons for the highly stressed and nervous nature of the dog.  Whatever the reason may be hyperactivity is one of the problems a dog owner has to face. How would you deal with your high strung dog?

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Since dog hyperactivity is often attributed to excess energies the most effective way to calm the dog is to provide opportunities to let off steam. Some breeds have rather low energy levels. Extensive exercises will not be necessary as they are already active inside the home. Other dogs though, especially the working breeds have high level of energies. These dogs turn into hyper and destructive dogs if opportunities to burn off excess energies are not provided. Take the dog to a dog park. Romping with other canines will wear out the dog.

Obedience training

A master’s command that will settle and calm the dog will only be obeyed if the dog is well trained. Moreover, obedience training that is reinforced with treats and praises will establish the owner as the leader of the pack. Being the leader, the owner will be able to control the dog.

Mental Stimulation

Provide the dog with interactive toys. The toys will provide mental stimulation and keep the dog occupied. This is most effective for dogs that are left alone at home for the better part of the day. Boredom and hyperactive outbursts will be prevented.

Proper Nutrition

Dog experts believe that one of the reasons for the unwanted behavior of the dog is poor diet. Change the dog’s food to a protein based diet. Food supplements touted to bring relaxation to the pet are widely available. Of course you would need to consult a vet for this.

Massage and Aromatherapy

The relaxing effect of massage that works on humans works on canines as well. Massage your pooch. The movement of the hand on the body soothes and relaxes the dog. Aromatherapy is commonly used to calm dogs these days. Dogs are noted for their heightened scenting ability. A blend of essential oils sprayed or applied on the neck and on the body is inhaled by the dog and acts as a sedative.


The dog’s hyper behavior may be the pet’s way to gain your attention. Dogs are affectionate animals. They bond closely with their human family. A pat and a cuddle every now and then would not come amiss. Lots of love would “cure” your dog of its unwanted hyper behavior.

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    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

      I've seen many hyper dogs but some of it comes from the way you start out with the dog, such as being brisk and brisk playfunness. I notice the difference in my dogs according to how we started out with them. They act like the terrible twos.