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How to care for an iguana

Updated on August 14, 2013
Iguana-as a pet
Iguana-as a pet

Iguanas as pets

Iguanas are special.They are reptiles, and just like all reptiles they are cold blooded ,which means it is up to you to maintain their body temperature . So proper care with heating and lighting is essential .

Adequate apace habitat

Provide iguana cages with enough space

Help your iguanas to move around by providing a big enough space . Iguana cages should be 3x6x6 feet to give your iguana freedom to move around . This is essential for their growth and well being.

Also make sure to add some branches , rocks or wood as iguanas like to climb.

iguanas need lots of sunshine
iguanas need lots of sunshine

Iguanas need sunlight

Iguanas need lots of sun light. As a source of ultraviolet rays , sunlight can improve iguana's mood , and help them metabolize vitamin D which is essential for their bone health.There are artificial ultraviolet sources on sale , but natural sun light remains the best option. So try to expose your iguana to natural sunlight unless you live in areas lacking natural sunshine.

keep your iguana warm
keep your iguana warm

Keep your iguana warm

Iguanas cannot maintain their body temperature like mammals, so it is your responsibility to hep them maintain their temperature. this is easily done through a heat lamp mounted in their cage. The normal temperature range is between 80 and 90 Fahrenheit.

How to tell if the temperature is right?

since iguanas cannot regulate their body temperature they will move closer or further to the heat source to stay in their comfort zone . So if you notice your iguana avoiding the heat lamp , it is an indicator that the temperature is too hot , if your iguanas stay close to the heat lamp it means the heat is too low.

Remember humidity

Put a humidifier in the iguana's cage to maintain adequate humidity.

Here is a short review of a humidifier you can use

  • Small size ultrasonic humidifier
  • Controllable humidity output
  • No installations required
  • Comes with all necessary fittings
  • Guaranteed for 90-days

feed your iguana properly
feed your iguana properly

What about your iguana diet?

Iguanas are vegetarian creatures. For better iguana nutrition feed your pet iguana a variety of green vegetables , examples include ;watercress ,Romaine lettuce , parsnip ,okra , collard greens and green beans.

In addition iguanas will eat a variety of fruits such as papayas ,mango ,strawberries ,grapes and raspberries.

Don't forget water

like all living creatures iguanas need a fresh supply of clean water.

What about commercial iguana food ?

Iguana commercial foods are available and they can be a source of balanced nutrition that can cover their vitamin and mineral need .

Here is a short review of Iguana bites

  • Iguana bites are designed for green iguanas in the form of soft moist ready to eat food
  • Iguanas can easily eat them because they are small bite sized soft gel foods
  • Iguana bites contain essential nutrients ,protein and calcium
  • Iguana bites can solve the problem of lack of appetite as they are specially formulated with color and flavor to stimulate appetite
  • Iguana bites comes in 24-ounce size which can last for a reasonable time
  • you can offer Iguana bites as such or add them on top of other foods to stimulate iguanas to eat

Iguanas do not like company

Do not put two iguana males in the same cage , if you do they usually will start fighting , resulting in their injuries and infections .

Iguanas can be aggressive

How big do iguanas get?

Iguanas can get up to 4-6 feet in length. This depends on nutrition, care and enough space in their habitat.

How long does an iguana live?

Average lifespan of iguana in the wild is 20 years .

unfortunately they do not live that long in captivity , mostly because of lack of knowledge on the side of their owners.

Would you consider purchasing an iguana

Would you consider purchasing an iguana

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