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How to Care for and Treat a Betta Fish

Updated on October 9, 2017
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My name is Nicole. My whole life I have been studying animals and I know a lot about almost every type of animal!

Heathy Betta in a great habitat

This is a great example of what a betta fish habitat should look like!
This is a great example of what a betta fish habitat should look like!

How to care for and treat your betta fish

Step 1

When you are buying the supplies for your betta fish you want to be getting the right stuff.

-The first thing you will need is a tank. You want to make sure that your tank is 2 gallons or bigger. Anything smaller than that will be way to small. You also want to make sure that you don't put any tank mates in with your betta because they are very aggressive fish.

-The next thing you will want is some type of substrate. You could use sand or gravel. Bettas need a substrate so that it makes them feel secure, and there needs to be something that captures their waste.

-The next thing you will need is plants and decor. You want to make sure that you only buy silk or live plants because plastic plants will harm their fins/ cause rips in their fins.

-Also you want to buy them some decor such as plastic logs or something fish safe that they can hide in if they get scared.

-Another thing you will need is a fish heater. Betta fish need to be in water between 76 degrees and 78 degrees.

-Also you will need a theometer to watch the temperature incase the heater breaks/stops working.

-One thing that is optional is a low flow filter. Betta fish do not need filters but you could use one if you would like to. Just make sure that it is a low flow filter because they are not strong swimmers. If you see that your betta is struggling to swim remove the filter immediately.

Step 2

-While owning your betta you must do things to keep it alive. The first thing you must do is give your betta three betta fish pellets every day. 1 in the morning and 2 at night.

-Make sure you watch your betta eating the pellets to make sure that they don't sink to the bottom before your fish can get them.

-Buy pellets that don't contain fish meal, this is not the best thing for them.

Step 3

-The next thing you need to do is water changes. Once a week you must take out 25% of the water and replace it with new water.

-If you use a filter you only need to do water changes every other week.

Step 4

-Once a month or every other month depending on your tank size you must clean your bettas tank. NEVER REPLACE ALL THE WATER. This could kill your fish because you would be getting rid of all the beneficial bacteria in the water.

-When you clean your bettas tank you should save 75% of the water and dump 25% of it. Make sure to take your betta out of the tank before cleaning.

-Next scrub the sides of the tank down with hot water and a towel. NEVER USE SOAP! This will kill your fish.

-Next clean the gravel in a strainer, then scrub all of the plants/decor.

-Refill your tank will the gravel, plants/decor, and water.

-Make sure you use water conditioner with all water to make the water for your fish clean. Use the water conditioner as instructed on the bottle.

-After refilling the water make sure your theometer says that the water temperature is correct, or the temperature of the cold water could shock your fish, and it possibly die.

Step 5

-Keep an eye on your fish. Check him/her over every day. If your fish looks sick do some research on what might be wrong. Forums are great for finding out what might be wrong with your fish.

-If you follow all of these guide lines then your fish will live a long happy life!

Great plants

The plants in this tank are perfect for a betta! Silk plants and live plants. NO PLASTIC PLANTS.
The plants in this tank are perfect for a betta! Silk plants and live plants. NO PLASTIC PLANTS.


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