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How to choose the right dog for your children

Updated on November 17, 2013


Adopting a new dog and generally a pet is not something that should be treated lightly. Getting a new puppy and making him part of the family can be a really life changing experience. Having children while housebreaking a new pet, is even more groundbreaking. Before starting, you should think through the following suggestions and make some decisions:

- Which breed is the most suitable for your family?

- Where should you buy your pet? Pet stores, adoption centers or breeders?

- What food do they eat? Which is the most suitable? Do they need a collar and if so, which one?

Now, you don’t have to panic, this article aims to help you answer all these questions!

Suitable puppy breeds for children

Before you embark in getting a new dog for your family, you should all sit together and discuss on which breed would be more suitable. Of course, you should all have some minimum information about most breeds by searching on the internet, before discussing. For example, small and short-tempered dogs like Chihuahuas, might not be the most suitable breed, because they will probably be jealous of the kids.

Whereas a dog like a Labrador, a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd might be more suitable candidates. Labrador and Golden Retrievers are very alike and they are among the most popular for families, because they are immensely protective, especially towards toddlers and their loyalty along with their intelligence is hard to find.

That’s not to say that dogs from other breeds might not be suitable candidates. We have all seen dogs like Pitbulls, who are considered aggressive by most people, be very protective of the kids and tolerant towards them. We have also seen Chihuahuas do that. It’s just not that common as the previous mentioned breeds, to happen.

Another great choice might be a dog from a rescue house. These dogs are usually very docile, with good manners and very kind personality. These are traits that will definitely be suitable for your family.

How to choose your puppy

Now, once you have decided on the breed and the place from where you will get it and whether you will buy or adopt one, is time to choose which one to take from the litter. Because as you know, there won’t be only one dog!

A good indicator of the personality of the puppy is whether it is barking a lot, growling or is aggressive towards other members. This is because probably of the puppy’s genetics, it is more aggressive than the rest of the breed and this might cause a problem. It might want to show its dominance over his owner and without proper training, this could be a problem.

It would be ideal if you could look and interact with the puppy’s parents before buying or adopting it, but unfortunately this is an option available only to breeders and this is not always the case.


Now, I hope you will find this article interesting and helpful in some ways. Make sure to do your research before getting a dog!


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